January 31, 2014

Outfit: Stripes on Stripes + Mixing Neutrals

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On Wednesday I headed to Gwen's house (my bestie of 24 years) so this was my attempt at play date chic. ;)
I mean look at the outfit, not one item is super unique when you look at each item separate. 
It is simply a basic brown leather jacket, a striped cardigan, a striped knit, skinny jeans, and a gray ankle boot. Separate they are all good, but together they are great! 

When it comes to neutrals, I love to mix mine. Gray, black, white, and brown were simply made to be interchangeable. I also thought it would be fun to mix striped tops.
 photo 232323232fp83232gtuqcshlukaxroqdfv--76otgt2454455434XROQDFgt2332lt4727245ot1lsi_zps95f30426.jpg  photo 232323232fp83232gtuqcshlukaxroqdfv7589otgt2454455434XROQDFgt23329348245ot1lsi_zps723c6ca8.jpg  photo 232323232fp83232gtuqcshlukaxroqdfv8453otgt2454455434XROQDFgt2332lt4728245ot1lsi_zps367774d6.jpg  photo 232323232fp83232gtuqcshlukaxroqdfv5-63otgt2454455434XROQDFgt23324579245ot1lsi_zps079478ac.jpg
Top: JC Penny // Cardigan: Loft (swap w/ Kaitlyn) // Jeans: Calvin Klein // Shoes: Dolce Vita // Jacket: Target // Gloves: Juicy Couture // Necklace: c/o House of Gemmes // Ring: XO Veronika // 
Sunnies: Ray Ban // Bag: Forever 21

What do you think? 
Do you ever mix and match same pattern tops? Are you a neutral color mixer too?


Sarah Hartley said...

I love the mixing of stripes!

Veronika Novotny said...

I LOVE your double stripes. Yup, I've mixed & matched the same patterns and loved it! Polka dots, stripes and florals are my favourite! <3 And... thank you for featuring the ring!! You're awesome, so glad you love it!! xoxo

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