February 6, 2014

Book Chat: The Body Book

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You may have read over on the Sisters Marie Blog that we met Cameron Diaz in January of this year.
She spoke for about The Body Book for about an hour and then took time to meet, sign books, and take photos with about 500 people. I have to say after this I was so excited to read her book. She was just so funny, knowledgeable, gorgeous, outgoing, and her personality led me to believe we were long lost best friends. What? We are! ;)  

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I should start off by warning you this is NOT a diet book. This is not an quick fix book. This is a science book and a better way to live your life book. 
I was writing in the margins, tagging pages I wanted to read to my kids and husband, and really learning so much about my body. 
The funny thing is, I'm a 34 year old woman who should know these things by now. I should know how my body works, how my body uses the foods I eat, how to train and exercise, how to get proper sleep at night, and what foods to be eating to make me the most healthy, best possible version of myself! Sadly to say, as healthy as I thought I was being, this book has taken my household up a notch. 

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This book is truly life changing! I think women of all ages should not only read this book, but then also teach their kids (both boys and girls) to understand the importance of taking card of our health, body, and mind. To create and live in YOUR best body and love your amazing body. 
Even though it's about the female body, a lot of it applies to human health in general. 
I feel if we raise our kids this way there will be far less eating disorders and body comparing in the younger years of life. I seriously wish someone would have made me read this in high school.
Hands down, this is a must read. Buy if for your sister, friends, nieces, mothers, really any woman who wants to take control of their health and the health of the people in her life.

Thank you Cameron for writing this book, it was truly a topic that was long overdue! 

Have you read The Body Book yet?
What did you think?


oomph. said...

cameron has always been one of my favorite actresses. so J you got to meet her! sounds like this book is a must-read!!

Julie said...

OMG!! That is awesome that you got to meet her and take a picture with her! How cool!! I will have to check out this book.