February 10, 2014

WGN Morning News

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 photo 530a06a7-a949-4494-ab77-b00517463443_zpsa3611ddc.jpg

Zahra (of Love Zahra) and  Woodfield Mall were at it again, and this time they showed off jeans for every shape. 
Highlighting retailers such as Nordstrom, Lucky Brand, The Buckle, Ann Taylor, The Limited, and Levi's the segment gave two examples of jeans to wear for each body type.
Myself, Becca, Raiza, Mary, Kristen (my little sister!), Shaheen of Lows to LuxeMegan of Stylish and ScatterbrainedGia of Dress Up FilesErin of Color Me Styled, and Stephanie of The Naked Canvas were happy to show off these great everyday looks. 

 photo 334f3c19-b735-45cb-a45e-803b4e03c648_zpsdb55fa97.jpg  photo 08df4e05-afc1-4498-9f0b-b6184c921002_zps922aa5e1.jpg Top, Scarf, Jeans, & Belt: Lucky Brand via Woodfield Mall // Shoes: c/o Just Fab 

I was asked to wear Lucky brand for the segment and I was very happy with my look. 
I may have to go back and do some shopping now. ;)

Here is a shot of all of us:
 photo 7d456bb9-e533-4fb3-9568-e7868af56233_zpscc3ea519.jpg
My sister Kristen wore items from The Buckle and I think that was right up her ally too! 
 photo 8151b07f-8754-4e0a-8a64-b7238c8f7ed5_zps693ae232.jpg Top, Necklace, Jeans: The Buckle via Woodfield Mall

Of course, no WGN appearance would be complete without photos from Bozo the Clown's dressing room and some behind the scenes shots:
 photo wgn_zpse216e40d.jpg

Here is the video of the live segment: 

What jeans do you like the best?
 Would you wear any of these looks?


LakehouseLyn said...

All of you girls look great in your jeans and just a sidenote! Bozo's dressing room? How cool is that?! I like the Lucky Brand jeans.

Unknown said...

Great recap! What a fun day - we almost didn't make it in time but it all worked out in the end! Sharing this on twitter and will post a link on my blog too!