March 20, 2014

Toddler Fashion: Buggin Out

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 photo 26012f54-da8b-4ce2-b497-55adfc968a33_zps9f748f12.jpg  photo e6ba8084-4249-471e-81c3-a1e3301dca9a_zps0aeb9be1.jpg This month my little man had his mind set on getting the "Buggin Out" outfit from Fabkids
When I mean he had his mind set, I mean he asked me DAILY if it had come yet! 
He told his grandparents about it and even wore it to a birthday party for his first time wearing the outfit so he could show all his friends. What I can say, the kid likes bugs! 

Here is how we styled the look:
 photo 296bb184-82ea-49a3-b0a9-627909cb06b3_zpsabb3bed9.jpg  photo 7f93b5ef-5b5c-4336-8181-0c8c7fec7e5c_zpseeeb298e.jpg  photo 3bd38eac-60e8-4d96-a450-36d8fe8b878f_zpse4712bf6.jpg
Top & Pants: c/o FabKids // Shoes: Target

Can we talk about his poses? I love my little toddler model kids! He was all "Mom, take the photo, this is a good fashion pose." 

What do you think?
Are you a FabKids member yet? 

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