June 3, 2014

Outfit: Let's Talk Everyday Wear

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 photo f86d3bba-8c32-4fbb-b3be-07c1ed619aa7_zps8f5915ea.jpg  photo 8ef88b8a-30bc-482d-bcfa-1087b9bdfaca_zpsa65e357b.jpg
As a stay-at-home mom, I have the luxury of wearing whatever I want on a day to day basis. I generally like to dress comfortably but also adding items that make me happy. Sometimes that means heels, sometimes that means fun accessories.

There is something so chic about wearing all white. I do like to add neutral hues on occasion to these looks to mix it up a bit.
This day I added brown in my top, shoes, and bag, pink in my bracelet, and blue in my sunglasses.
 photo c69c1a89-21f5-4734-b942-6fc696831080_zps0c3c21ca.jpg  photo d8562bc0-d7fe-486a-903f-eb330f22a49e_zpsdbd45715.jpg  photo 194fe274-7674-42b7-8ee6-0e4db3c55fe4_zpsb7f66e77.jpg
Top: J.Crew // Shorts: JC Penny // Bag: Just Fab // Shoes: Target // Bracelet: Swap w/ Kaitlyn // Sunnies: Ray Ban 

Do you ever wear white on white? How would you describe your everyday style?
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