July 1, 2014

Movie Night At the Park

 photo 7c619800-254d-460d-98cf-7c337278c8f8_zpsde894001.jpg  photo 32d446dc-b54b-43c1-874b-b5e0fb9c1a3e_zps462f27fa.jpg  photo ab233c78-560b-4a5a-ae11-31fad9d9ba43_zps0e9f74c1.jpg

My family lives in a smaller suburb of Chicago and truth be told we don't even have a "down town". This is the second year that we no longer have a carnival so the chamber of commerce is doing it's best to create events for the families around here. They threw a "movie night at the park" last week on Thursday and the movie that was showing just happens to be one of our favorites, Frozen.

As soon as we heard that the characters would be there taking photos and singing songs for everyone prior to the film, we knew we had to go. I mean the line to meet Ana and Elsa at Disney in April was 3 hours! The line to meet them in our home town was 10 minutes. SCORE!

I decided to keep it casual yet playful by pairing my overalls with the great leopard print tank.

 photo 43724ea4-d4c9-4439-b304-a378d2b38b49_zps184ab71a.jpg  photo b3d093d8-e511-42d6-bc8c-134ea32c51ac_zpsdd69cd9a.jpg  photo 4cf41f11-bbe7-4821-9045-d418fa4778ec_zps0e6a4741.jpg  photo 3db1b3d9-d7c2-4c23-9877-28b029351aac_zps1b1f12ec.jpgTop: Old Navy (Swap w/ Kaitlyn) // Overalls: Nordstrom (similar) (similar)  // Shoes: c/o Just Fab // Jacket: Target // Bangle: c/o It's a Bling Thing // Ring: T+J Designs // Hat: Charming Charlie // Sunnies: Prada // Arrow Necklace: c/o Sarah Aghili 

We had the best time! Each character sang a song, yes even Olaf and then we watched Frozen outside under the stars.

Here are a few photos from our Disney night:
 photo 01f71309-1ade-4c47-895a-9bf8a01188bd_zps2791db78.jpg  photo b4670350-76f6-45f1-9720-233534f60b0b_zpsfa441ada.jpg
 photo 564d19ce-a22d-4dc8-9823-d0077376c988_zpsadd7794b.jpg

Does your town throw events like this during the summer? Have you have ever attended an outdoor movie night?


Sarah Hartley said...

Very cute look! We went to an outdoor movie one night and absolutely loved it. Hopefully we'll get to do it more soon.

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks girl! Isn't it so fun?! Now I want to go to a drive in ;)