July 8, 2014

Outfit: Sun Protection You Wear

Coolibar clothing line's main purpose is near and dear to my heart, sun protection. 

Sun protection is not something I thought too much about growing up. Like most people I put on sunscreen if I was swimming but I liked to lay out (a lot) and also liked to use tanning beds. Those days are WAY behind me now. I know the risks and I am want my kids to grow up knowing how to stay safe in the sun. Lately, sun protection is part of mine (and my families) daily routine. 

Here is a bit about Coolibar:
"Regular summer clothing provides very little sun protection. 
Wrinkles and age spots are the least of it. The sun has been proven to aggravate medical conditions, interfere with prescriptive drugs, and to cause skin cancer. Your summer weight t-shirts and sun-dresses can let in an astonishing amount of the sun's damaging UV rays. Coolibar sun hats, protective clothing and swimwear use superbly protective, high-tech fabrics to deliver no less than 50 UPF, 98% blockage, yet keep you cool, comfortable and fashionable."

I am in love with my new Coastline Cover up Dress. I know it says it's a bathing suit cover up, but this beauty is great for all day wear! 

I wore it for a morning at the Pier: 
 photo 5cb1a955-d12e-44cb-8afc-63d4c48e2c21_zps32cddb03.jpg  photo 1f170e76-e630-4779-b3ae-0e4f59cf9718_zpsd64074db.jpg  photo cce70613-6215-46d8-9a6e-7be8c9e3d8ae_zps0b56f4f8.jpg  photo 2376632f-869d-408a-a106-94eac2f88913_zps36a09b7e.jpg

On the boat (Kaitlyn's puppy's first boat ride):
 photo 39573335-4317-4427-b8f0-fbc9f1aa4519_zps342ff635.jpg

And at the beach as a bathing suit cover up:
 photo 10cabd9a-3c10-4c5e-85a1-93e5c8c45029_zpsbee07d9f.jpg  photo 4404ee9d-c554-4ac5-ae8a-d3099cee1a03_zps2c82f4b9.jpg
Coastline Cover Up Dress: c/o Coolibar // Shoes: Target // Hat: Forever 21 // Sunnies: Prada 

I can't wait to get more items from Coolibar! They have everything from clothing (for women, men, & children), to swimmer, to hats and accessories, and they even have sunscreen!
What do you think of my new dress?

Want to win $100 to shop at Coolibar? Enter their Instagram contest starting Thursday 7-10-14!
 Coolibar Summer Selfie Contest

Here’s how it’ll work: 
- Take a selfie of you, your friends and family enjoying your summer, looking great and staying safe from the sun in Coolibar clothing

- Tag @coolibar
- Use #Coolibarselfie

- Participants  will have the chance to win a $100 Coolibar shopping spree at Coolibar.com.

Start date: Thursday, July 10
End date: Sunday, July 20
More details about the Coolibar Summer Selfie Contest will be available shortly on the Coolibar blog and the winner will be announced the first week in August. 


Fashion Confessions of a Mommy said...

Very cute dress. Although a bit hot it seems. Love it with the fedora.

Anonymous said...

Daphne, Coolibar stuff is not hot at all. It breathes beautifully. I have wrap I wear to play dates and when I am outside for a long period of time. I live in GA so our summers are hot and humid.

Balancing Lisa said...

The dress is so light weight! I was very comfortable in long sleeves....plus it's like wearing sunscreen so why not?! ;) xo

Balancing Lisa said...

agreed! I thought it was perfect for all day summer wear!