July 25, 2014

Recipe: Summer Salad

My mom is hands down the best cook ever! I'm sure I'm bias, but I am also very positive that if you ask anyone who has ever eaten anything she has made, they will back me up on this. 

Even her salads are better then anything I could think of on my own. So today I share with you a salad I've eaten with her twice. I kid you not that she mixes it up each time and it ends up being the best salad I've ever had!

I give you, the perfect summer salad:

Power greens (use any greens you'd like)
Grilled Corn
Black Olives
Yellow tomatoes
Pine nuts

The dressing used this day was a vinaigrette.
 photo fb58dc27-d5d0-4132-b32a-5ee3e9181cf8_zps649b1aaa.jpg 
The second time she made it she added diced egg, avocado, bacon, and poppy seed dressing:
 photo 47feab53-b904-4753-a068-458cfd0400f3_zps449a3cb1.jpg

I am obsessed with this salad. I think the grilled corn just makes it, no?

What's your favorite summer salad? Do you think your mom makes the best meals ever too?

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