November 13, 2014

Outtakes: Here we go Again!

I previously showed you some of my outtakes because there are so many photos of me that you guys never get to see. For whatever reason I find it too much fun to pull outtakes from each shoot now. I mean if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? 

Here are some of my outtakes from the past month and a half. This time around the photos fall into one of four categories: awkward, walking, just didn't make the cut, and down right windy! 

 photo IMG_4346_zps47f62e38.jpg  photo IMG_4789_zps94960c87.jpg  photo IMG_5670_zps17908102.jpg

 photo IMG_4599_zps565e360e.jpg  photo IMG_5567_zps498c9085.jpg  photo IMG_6161_zps00fcc09d.jpg

Just didn't make the cut: 
 photo IMG_6321_zps8ecdc6a3.jpg  photo IMG_6605_zpsef65e106.jpg

Windy outside: 
 photo IMG_4492_zps7230d232.jpg  photo IMG_5985_zps7c469d29.jpg

I have so many favorites I can't even begin to take about how funny these are to me! 
 Can we just talk about how my shirt is literally almost over my head in the second to last shot! Very appropriate for a mother-daughter shoot, no?! lol

What do you think of this round of outtakes? Do you like this segment? 

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