February 2, 2015

It's Time to Break Out my Peter Pilotto

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I purchased both this blouse and skirt the day Peter Pilotto's collection came out at Target, but I have never worn them together. I've actually never worn the skirt at all! Which is crazy, but I had a very good reason.
Simply put, this collection blew up. Everyone owns it and boy were all us fashion bloggers wearing it last year. Honestly, it drives me crazy to show up in the same outfit as someone else. I can't stop laughing when I arrive at an event and I'm matching someone. It's even harder to keep a strait face when there are more then a few of us wearing the same look! The only exception to this rule are my "twinning" moments with Kaitlyn, those are the best (just saying, we are morphing into "spirit fashion animals")! ;)  
Examples: I went to one event where five girls showed up in the same white vest blazer, there was once three girls were wearing the same maxi dress and it was at a wedding so everyone thought they were bridesmaids, and even one time it was seven girls in the same "it" shoes paired with boyfriend denim. It's just so funny that we are all always so on, you know what I mean? I like to feel unique (even just for that night) in my outfits, so I try to stray from the pack a bit. Now having said that, like everyone else, I scoop up said trend pieces and just wear them in my daily life or on date nights. It's just the big blogger events, parties, and weddings I'm talking about. 

So back to my point, I can finally wear them together because no one else is wear them. 
I decided to pair the separates like I've wanted to since day one, like Diane Kruger did.
By adding the white blazer, tights, and blue shoes I made the look my own, but still kept the signature Peter Pilotto style. A few accessories later and I was ready for my mid-day event in Chicago. 
 photo IMG_9330_zpsiozrtufq.jpg  photo IMG_9332_zpsbvju9srx.jpg  photo IMG_9342_zpsqdu226n1.jpg  photo IMG_9339_zpsiijdtewh.jpg
Top & Skirt: Peter Pilotto for Target // Blazer: Piperlime (similar & only $20) (similar) // Shoes: Just Fab // Necklace & Ring: c/o Shop Lately // Pave Bracelet: T+J Designs // Bracelet: Lokai // Watch: Urban Outfitters 

Do you own any items from this collection? Are you as funny as I am about matching with others in public places?

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