February 6, 2015

What's in my Bag?

I haven't done a "what's in my bag?" post in awhile, so I decided it was time to dump this beauty out and show you all what I keep inside. I had just cleaned my purse a few days prior to this photo so the loose change and receipts are missing, but everything else is shown here. 

So here's what is in my bag:
 photo totebag_zpsc6w0ug5j.jpg

1) Glass water bottle: Ello Brand - I go everywhere with this bad boy. When I'm at home I fill it up between 9 & 11 times a day with our Brita pitcher and when I'm on the go, I always have it filled as I dash out the door. The glass is great (BPA free and it perfect for if I want to add oils to my water). Plus it's super cute and matches my yoga gear. And it's heavy, which I see as a plus. When I first fill the bottle, I treat it like it's a weight.  I'll do a few curls with the bottle when it's full. Just saying, more then one use! ;) 

2) Hand Sanitizer: Honest Brand. Non toxic!

3) Daily Planner: I would literally be lost without it. I schedule in my work hours, blog hours, meal plans, and also reminders for homework sheets & all thing with the kids school. It's pretty much how I balance being a wife, mom, business owner, blogger, and finding me time too!

4) Note Book: Kate Spade. I love to write quotes that inspire me in here. I also jot down fun things the kids say and date it. This note book is in whatever bag I'm carrying & honestly I can't imagine not having it with me.

5) Wallet: Rebecca Minkoff. How cute is this? I'm using it as a wallet right now, but since we are going to Disney next month, it's a great reminder to put my wallet away! I've went to buy items twice, then changed my mind after reading "Vacay Fund". Not a bad way to remember to save up for the important things.

6) Lotion: Philosophy. I love this brand. I currently have the peppermint hand cream in my bag but I have about 3 different kinds floating around the house. Thank you for the Christmas gift T-Rod!

7) Essential Oils: doTERRA Brand; Frankincense, Lavender, and Peppermint (I use this combo for headaches/migraines). I use a lot of oil actually, but that is going to be it's own post. Check back in a few weeks for more on that.

8) Lip Sticks: Bobbi Brown and Loreal. I have so many lip sticks, but this is what I'm currently rotating with.

9) Cuticule oil: Sephora. This stuff is amazing during these harsh winter months. My chapped dry nails and hands look so much better after using this cuticle oil.

10) Contacts: I like to keep an extra pair on hand just incase one gets foggy or my eyes are bothering me. I am allergic to contact solution so everyday I put a new pair on them throw them away when I'm done. Not as costly as one may think and it works for my eyes until I can afford Lasik. ;)

11) Phone charger backup. I always keep this baby in my bag! You never know when you'll need a recharge and not be near an outlet!

12) Sunglasses: Prada. Enough said.

13) Selfie Stick: This was given to me by my mom as a gag gift. Well the joke is on you mama, I use it all the time! Plus I kind of feel like as a blogger, you need one to do good instagram outfit photos. Just saying, it's helps!

14) Cell Phone: Galaxy Note 4 and Kate Spade case. I'm still figuring this phone out as I just got it last week, but so far I am in LOVE! What a camera! So weird coming from an IPhone for the past 5 years. It takes some getting adjusting to.

15) Blutooth: Moto Buds. Out of all the "hands free" items I have lost, broken, and worn out, these are hands down my favorite. They are actually my second pair as the last died from over use. Great for running or doing laundry (leaning forward) as it wraps around the back of your neck and stays in place. Plus I've never had anyone tell me "I can't hear you" or "you sound muffled" when I am wearing them so that's a major plus.

16) Camera Remote for my cell phone: Brookstone. Pretty much goes hand and hand with the selfie stick.

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