September 18, 2015

Outtakes: Volume 4

I'm at it again you guys. My outtakes folder in my iPhoto was filling up which means it's time for an outtakes post! It's been a few months since my last bloopers post here on Stilettos and Diaper Bags, so I have quite a few photos to show you.

Without further ado, I give you Outtakes: Volume 4!

"Awkward pose, blurry face"
 photo IMG_1353_zpsqptqx6tg.jpg

"Stop making me laugh, I can't keep a strait face (or foot)!"
 photo IMG_1783_zps4cwyxers.jpg

"Time for a token heel pop!"
 photo IMG_2200_zpsiacvl59v.jpg

"Honey, please stop rapid firing my camera."
 photo IMG_2786_zpsprobexbp.jpg

"OK, fine babe rapid fire, but I can't use any of these photos!" 
 photo IMG_2794_zpshoyweli9.jpg

Not "RBF" just "BF" ;)
 photo IMG_3119_zpshogcnofq.jpg

Shooting with Kaitlyn and laughing my tush off (as per usual). 
 photo stilettos_zps2ja3evud.jpg(source

"I'm pretty sure that car just parked and is now watching us."
 photo IMG_4019_zps4pz9f4lt.jpg

"Well, let's give them something to look at!" ;)
 photo IMG_4026_zpso3aqv21h.jpg

"Wait. Just wait...I can't."
 photo IMG_4123_zps31r8qvwp.jpg

"I'm so glam... and then I look at this photo and realize I'm not!"
 photo IMG_5062_zpsucfsggf5.jpg

As most of you already know, I currently write for two blogs (Stilettos and Diaper Bags & Sisters Marie), so I've got a lot of "cutting room floor" type posts. Feel free to check out more of my outtakes (posts herehere, hereherehere,  here, herehere, and heresince we are already keeping it light today. 

What do you think of this round of outtakes? Which from above is your favorite? 

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