October 30, 2015

Totspot Concierge

As of mother-of-two, I can tell you first hand that my family goes through clothing way too fast. This process of the ever rotating kids closet began even before they were born. Stocking up on special occasion outfits and really anything I thought was "too cute" found it's way into my home. I would purchase tons of outfits, and honestly, never got around to using some of them. I am sure I am not alone in this. Anyone else stock up with way too many outfits early on? Especially with your first born! ;) 

As my children get older, sometimes I shop year end sales just assuming they will be one size up the following year. This is not always the case, leaving me with brand new items and even more clothes that just got worn once or twice. Sometimes, I buy shoes and within a few wears they grow and you need new ones the same season! One thing is for sure, I have lots of great hand-me-downs that I am ready to part with.

Enter Totspot. A website and app that allows you to buy and sell kids fashions, mom to mom. Now lets talk about Totspot Concierge. It is a full-service selling tool available on the Totspot App.

"The Concierge program is designed for busy parents who don’t have time to sell their family’s pre-loved clothes on their own.
Totspotters can order a cleanout bag from the app and within days, have a prequalified seller listing the items for sale on their behalf. The profits are shared between the bag owner and the Concierge." 

OK, this is amazing. I love the option to use the concierge tool as it is time consuming to list and ship out the items yourself. (Although I love doing that too...when I have the time that is!) This is a service I plan to use myself very soon. I mean, how easy is it to ship your items in a bag they supply and share the earrings with the person who lists (and ships) said items for you. Seems like a no brainer for all moms and dads alike. 
I wanted to figure out how to use this site and app before blogging about them, so I made an account. It was very easy to do so and with in minutes I was browsing around for clothing for both kids. You can set up "my tots" in your account where you put in your children's sizes. It then pulls items currently selling that will fit them now. I spy a few items that will be shopping very soon! I'm a bit upset I hadn't become a member sooner, this app (and website) is awesome.

Here is a bit more about how to use totspot concierge: 
"A Totspot member can order a cleanout bag from clicking on the Sell icon in the app. There, they may choose between selling clothes on their own, or select Concierge service.
In two short taps, consumers will order the free cleanout bag. Days later, the bag and instructions will arrive at their home. They fill the bag with hight quality, gently used or unused clothing, shoes and accessories and leave the bag at the door for USPS or drop at a local USPS office.
The bag is sent to a pre-qualified top-tier Totspot seller who will evaluate the contents for sellability, quality and condition. They’ll list the items for sale in their popular closets and promote the items through the app and social media. When an item sells, the profits are shared."

What do you think of Totspot Concierage?  Is this a service and site you would use for your ever growing-children and their clothing?

*I accepted paid compensation for this post; however, all opinions are my own.

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