November 3, 2015

One of my Favorite Traditions...

It's that time again, time to order and send out holiday & Christmas cards! This has been one of my favorite traditions since I married Ryan in 2008 (and we started making our beautiful family). For as long as I can remember, I loved receiving Christmas cards from other family members and friends alike. It is just something that makes me really happy to do, and I put each years card in a scrapbook for my kids to have one day. 

Each year, the four of us usually race out after my husband gets home from work and we head to a local forest preserve. We end up using my tripod and knock out our Christmas card in less then 20 frames. This year everything was different and not in a bad way. I didn't plan our outfits, I just grabbed what we already had and made it work. We had Kaitlyn take our photos in a recent visit to our family lake house, way better then a tripod (and she got this shot in under 10 frames). Lastly, I worked with Tiny Prints to create our perfect card! After we had "the photo", I played around on the Tiny Prints website to create the Christmas card of our dreams. 

Here are a few options I played around with before I found "the one".... 
 photo 6ef0283e-3be8-4195-850b-2e073ea09203_zpslufr8zbw.png  photo 3051bc5d-8adc-48cb-8026-5068e886c267_zpsl2fsqht3.png  photo 58270e63-4a31-47ac-8b6d-c3041fa664dd_zpse3ykhbg4.png

There were so many great options to choose from on this site. I knew I wanted red & white on my card, so finding which design was best was the hard part. In the end, the foil-stamped cards just drew me in.
Here is the card I ended up choosing. I am so in love! It's probably my favorite card to date and I can not wait to send them out after Thanksgiving. I also really love the details on the back of the card as well as inside the envelope. Really great quality you guys!
 photo a794f8a0-db85-4358-9386-7ce5e711b09e_zpscmk7n1qi.png  photo 1b805c9c-67b0-4544-83d2-5f8909a3248e_zpsfnk3qvg5.png  photo 46e926e3-bdd8-4b44-8d8c-da24234231cd_zpspk1dtrl2.png

Where do you get your Holiday cards? I would highly recommend checking out Tiny Prints, they really have something for everyone.

*Here are previous outfit posts from my Christmas card shoots: 2011, 2012, 2013, &  2014, 2015

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