December 28, 2015

Outtakes: Volume 5

Tomorrow I'll be sharing my top outfits from the past year. In honor of finishing off this year in blogging, I thought today I'd share some bloopers from the past few months. As you all know by now, I love these outtake type photos the most. I have recently been backing up and emptying out my photo folders (again), so I like that I am putting them to good use. Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself.... ;) Without further ado, I give you Outtakes: Volume 5:

But first, kisses! 
 photo IMG_5492_zpslms8lgil.jpg

Blindly, awkwardly walking.
 photo IMG_5999_zpshpr3gfky.jpg

Trying to give my skirt movement, gave myself a big backside instead!
 photo IMG_5857_zpsovrhrbvr.jpg

"Wait, hair in lipstick."
 photo IMG_6016_zpsqca5my93.jpg

"This is going to look so peeking through the drapes. (Looks at photo) What was I thinking?!"
 photo IMG_6431_zpslhtzm81p.jpg

Mid-shoot happy dance 
 photo IMG_6496_zpsslj1bdzk.jpg

Timmer photo shoot. Got to love the rapid shot pictures!
 photo IMG_6449_zpsrycodqpo.jpg

"Do the gloves look cute when I do this?" 
 photo IMG_6608_zpsnnygcli6.jpg

When the pose in your mind seems way cuter.  
 photo IMG_6959_zpsdv3zzyev.jpg

As most of you already know, I currently write for two blogs (Stilettos and Diaper Bags & Sisters Marie), so I've got a lot of "cutting room floor" type posts. Feel free to check out more of my outtakes (posts here, herehereherehereherehere,  here, herehere, and heresince we are already keeping it light today. 

What do you think of this round of outtakes? Which from above is your favorite? 

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