December 29, 2015

Top Looks from 2015

Here we go again! This past year I slowed down the amount of posts I put out for the first time in 6 years. With blogging 5 days a week over on Sisters Marie and having two kids (and all that comes with being a homemaker) it was the right move for me at the time. As most of you know, the company I co-owned went under this year, so my plate was a bit overfull and then it was all about finding a new balance. This time though, my new balance would include writing for just myself and carving out a lot more "me" moments in my days. As it should be. ;) 

I'm not sure what 2016 will bring, but I do know there will be some changes here on Stilettos and Diaper Bags. Get ready for more fashion, more recipes, and as my family enters a new chapter of buying (and decorating) a new home, I will post all about it here! 

So this year I only put out 61 outfit posts. That is way less then the 150 I put out in 2014! The major change this year was my hair. A few months into 2015 I decided to chop off seven inches. About one month later I cut off another three inches. Since then, I have been growing it out but I'll probably go for the "big chop" again at some point in the next year or two. My hair grows so fast, so why not?!

I give you my favorite looks from 2015:




Love looking at "top look" type posts? Take a look back at my best outfits of 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and I didn't post a "top looks" of 2010, but feel free to take a look back at me in all my pregnant glory!

I hope everyone has a safe and amazing NYE! I will be back up and posting regularly int he new year. xo

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