January 11, 2016

Happy 8th Anniversary Mr. Fergus

One of the best and most unique parts to having been a blogger for so many years, is that I have six years of my life documented in photos. That includes six of my wedding anniversaries (seven including the photos of our date that will be coming  to the blog soon!).  
Let's take a look back at anniversary's past, shall we? 

I was not a blogger in 2009 for our one year, so let's start at our second wedding anniversary. These three posts were actually the first three ever put up on Stilettos and Diaper Bags! You can click through to each post below if you'd like. 

2 Years 

3 Years 

 4 Years

5 Years

Five years was a big one, so we treated as such! I not only shared lots of our wedding photos in a post, but we also went to Mexico for three nights. Oh boy was that the most wonderful time. 

(day one

6 Years

7 Years 

8 Years
That brings us to today, our eight year wedding anniversary. Ryan and I celebrated over the weekend and will have a special dinner with our children tonight too. This may have been one of the best anniversaries yet, and it's not even over! 

I have to say, it was really fun to write this and take a look back by reading each post linked above. It is so special to have all my anniversary outfits and what we did all documented. Ryan and I value our marriage and it's not all a cake walk, you have to work on it, but at the end of the day there is no man on this Earth I would rather work on it with then him. I really did marry my best friend and we have parented two pretty amazing kids. What more can you ask for? I am such a lucky lady! I love you Ryan, happy anniversary!