June 22, 2016

The Great Succulent

You may remember the below photo from my Instagram feed back in April. I was so excited to find this succulent terrarium at Mariano's, I bought it right then and there! I do remember thinking $50 was a lot of money, but I loved the stone square pot it was in and there were so many beautiful succulents inside. Not to mention, they took all the work out of it by planting them and adding the moss, it was a no brainier when I thought about it.

 photo file__storage_emulated_0_DCIM_Camera_20160419_104146_zpscfj6mptb.jpg

OK, so fast forward 8 weeks and my succulent terrarium looked more like a succulent forest! How many did they put in there? And am I watering them too often or something? These guys are growing like crazy and I had no choice but to take action.  

 photo IMG_1982_zpsogmuennb.jpg

I bought two different types of planters (set of 3 in teal and 2 round white) as well as cactus & succulent soil mix and replanting tools. This way, I could spread them out all over the house and make my forest look more like a terrarium again. 

 photo IMG_1987_zpsoe6fde8c.jpg  photo IMG_1990_zpsevwhs9t5.jpg

Once I filled all the new pots with soil, it was time to dissect my terrarium and find out just how many plants I actually had. Using the tools, I carefully pulled the moss back and placed each succulent on the counter. I figured I would take them all out to see what I'm working with before I replanted them. 12! Can you believe there were 12 succulents in there? Yes, I was over watering (you are supposed to add water once a month...I was doing that weekly), but 12 plants seems a bit much, no? In the end, I'm the big winner as I got a whole bunch of new pretties all over my home! 

 photo IMG_1991_zpsypsbeeyg.jpg  photo IMG_1992_zpsjpbth59q.jpg  photo IMG_1998_zpsrzvdsk2r.jpg

 photo IMG_2009_zpsrtraixxk.jpg  photo IMG_2011_zps4fctjgjj.jpg  photo IMG_2013_zpspbcasn5a.jpg

What do you think of my new succulent set up? 

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