January 4, 2017

Home Project: Gallery Wall

Back in 2011, in our previous home, I enlisted in my friend Lindsay to help me create my first ever gallery wall. It was wonderful and evolved over the years that we lived there. A few frames here, a few there, and by the time we moved in 2016, the entire stairway was coved in framed photos and mirrors. Truth be told, it was probably my favorite part of our old home! I spent countless hours everyday running up and own those stairs and smiled each time I would look at the photos. 

When we moved into our new home I saw our (much larger) stairway as a blank canvas. I remembered how Lindsay showed me to trace everything with craft paper and hang that first to avoid making unnecessary holes in your walls. So, that's just what I did! 

 photo gallery wall-7_zpsmvtcxsau.jpg  photo gallery wall-8_zpsk6kpkpg6.jpg

After every photo and mirror was traced I began placing them were I wanted. I actually left the craft paper up for about a week, making a few adjustments along the way. Other then hanging the TV's and my "family" sign I picked up at Pier 1, we hadn't made any marks on our walls yet and I was hesitant about committing to so many new holes! Here is what our stairway looked like before I began to hang my gallery wall. 

 photo gallery wall-2_zpssg1rqvgf.jpg  photo gallery wall_zps5ntdynnt.jpg

 photo gallery wall-4_zps9nuw2vdg.jpg  photo gallery wall-5_zpstykrbvah.jpg  photo gallery wall-3_zpsnssqgbnm.jpg

A lot of these photos need to be updated, but I wanted to at least get the frames up to start with. The center frame, directly under the "family" sign is a project I just finished and one that I have been wanting to complete for years now. The four sided frame now holds photos of all four sets of grandparents (as in my children's great grant parents). I am so happy with my gallery wall and this grandparent frame brings me smiles daily. Out of the eight of our grandparents, only two are still living, so I can't tell you how much comfort seeing their smiling faces brings me.

I have so many more frames and photos to add, but this is a wonderful start if I do say so myself! 

 photo gallery wall-6_zpsczmwg7lm.jpg

Have you ever used this method to create your gallery wall? I just finished tracing my photo canvases and my next project will be to hang those in our upstairs hallway.


Thanks for stopping by my blog today, I hope you make it a great day! xo 

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