March 14, 2017

New Exhibits at Legoland Chicago

The older our kids get the more important it is to spend quality time with them outside of our day-to-day interactions. Don't get me wrong, I love the chats we have after I pick them up from school everyday, getting caught up on life as we sit and eat dinner together nightly, and our special time before we say goodnight. However, sometimes they talk more about what's really going on in their heads when we mix up the routine. When Legoland invited us to see two new exhibits my kids were so excited! Since we were invited to preview the new attractions on a Friday night, we left a little bit early and went out to dinner first (see above photo). 

Upon arrival, you get to stand in front of a green screen and take a few photos. We obviously opted for the Star Wars background, I mean, how can you not?  We have been to Legoland before, but the giant display of Chicago, the life size lego statue of Barack Obama, and the jungle room always blow my mind. I opted not to take photos of those rooms to share here on the blog, but it really is something you have to go see for yourself. I hope you follow me on Snapchat (@StilettosandDB) and Instagram (@StilettosandDiaperBags) as I did live stream the night on both social media accounts. And if you don't, start following me now so you don't miss more events going forward! ;) 

OK, so let's get to the two new attractions we were there to check out. First up, LEGO® Star Wars™ Episode IV MINILAND display. The Star Wars room was so fun! It was very cool to take pictures with the life-size R2-D2 and Darth Vador. I'm not going to lie, we have way too many of those on my camera roll, my husband may or many not have taken quite a few of just him with Darth Vador! ;)

 They have the large display in the center of the room that is so intricate and detailed it would take hours to look at everything. My kids were so excited running from object to object in pure amazement. I watched them speed around the room bending down and checking things out from every angle. It's all so impressive. If you are a Star Wars fan (or your kids are), this really is a must see attraction! I already feel like I need to go check it out again. This first time I was taking it all in, but I was also enjoying my family taking it all in. Sometimes it's my favorite thing to see life through their eyes! 

Next up, was the new Heartlake city exhibit. I have to say, I really loved this area! The entire section is catered more towards girls, and may I say it's about time! There are adorable life-size Lego girls around the room, which my daughter went up and talked to each one and read their story. As with every room there is a large Lego display in the center of the room, but this one was more hands-on. You were able to touch what was already made and add to it with many sections of "build-your-own" areas. My kids wanted to stay in this room for a very long time! Honestly, they were having so much fun playing and making new friends in the process. This room also ended up being right next to the 4D movie, so we made our way there next. 

Have you been to Legoland lately? What would you be most excited about seeing there? 

Thank you (as always!) for stopping by the blog today!

*My family was gifted free admission, but all of the opinions stated above are my own. 

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