June 16, 2017

Remix: Tulle Skirt

Happy Fri-yay y'all! I did it, and made it through the official first week of summer break. On top of trips to the pool, parks, family walks, play dates at my house (& the neighbors houses), I also had a photo shoot Tuesday night & spent all of my free time prepping for my first ever garage sale. I'll be outside working our sale again today (it started yesterday), and I can not believe how much stuff we are unloading! I have to say, it feels pretty good to be purging so many gently used items. It makes me so happy to see smiling ladies walking away with all my clothing and shoes for only $5 each! 

OK, now on to this remix. I picked up this tulle skirt back in the Fall of 2015 for a magazine photo shoot I took part in. For me, it was love at first site when I found it on Easy and every time I wear it, I feel like I'm having a Carrie Bradshaw or SJP moment...which is an awesome thing. 
What is so great about this remix is that I don't feel like I have styled it the same way over and over. In fact, I feel like this is one of my favorite remixes to date! I hope this gives you some fun tulle skirt inspo for your upcoming outfits. 
I kind of love how my hair got lighter and my style choices got bolder as the years went by. ;) 
What is your favorite pairing from above? Do you own a tulle skirt? Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, I truly appreciate all of you! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo

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