June 2, 2017

Staying Fit For & With my Kids

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As a parent it is my responsibility to teach my kids the importantance of good eating habits, and try to instill a love for exercise and being outdoors in general. This generation has so many cards stacked against them on those fronts with all the electronics, youtube channels,  and gaming devices at their disposal. In addition to having electronic restrictions, my husband and myself really do our best to get the kids outdoors for bike rides, yoga, family walks, playing ball, and bouncing up a storm on our trampoline. Of course, as parents we need to lead by example, so on the weekends or over summer break when the kids see us working out, they usually want to join in. You should see my son lift weights next to my husband..it's adorable!

Something in my just clicked after my first child was born. Done were the days of diets (or crash diets was more like it), bad eating habits, and excuses to not be in shape. I want to be around as long as possible which means I need to make good food and exercise choices first and foremost. And so, nine years ago, my journey of health began.
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Yoga is my favorite exercise, although I think of it more of a lifestyle. I do most of my yoga at home these days, but if my daughter sees me, she wants to try too. I use to slow down and help her, now she flows when I flow. If I don't have the time to get in a session, I at least stretch everyday...my kids do too. It's all about routine and repetition. 

A giant thank you to Jill Yoga for the matching yoga outfits! The quality of these items are really amazing and I am so in love with the colors. Plus how cute are the back of the tanks and stripes on the pants? You know how I love me some great details! My daughter was so excited to stretch, race up and down the big hill, and do a bit of jogging with me on this day. She has worn the entire outfit to her poms class since and was telling everyone how mom has a matching one. Your kids really do have pride in all that you do with them, so why not make sure you are instill great life values in those activities?! 
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Our kids have six more days of school and then we are on summer break! (Can a get a woot woot?) I say we, because as a stay-at-home mother, my alarm no longer goes off at 6:00am daily. We will start our summer routine off by adding new sports, daily walks, swim lessons, trips to the lake, zoo dates, museums, water parks, and trips to the local parks. I'm not going to lie when I say I live nine months of my life for these three. For three months I have the honor of playing with my kids everyday and planning out fun activities for all of us to make it the best summer yet. It's going to be hard to top last summer, we checked off every item on our summer bucket list, but I am so up for trying! 

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Cardigans, Tank Tops, & Yoga Pants: c/o Jill Yoga // Womens Shoes: Nike (similar) // Kids Shoes: Skechers // Water Bottle: BKR via Box of Style // Yoga Matt: Target (similar
If you are a parent, do you work out or full on play sports with your kids? What is your favorite activity to stay fit? Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today! xo

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