June 4, 2018

Boho Bridal Hair

I recently renewed my vows on a beach in Maui (official renewal photos coming later this week!), and I wanted to share my hair from that day with you. I decided to save money and do my own hair and makeup, and I think it turned out pretty darn good. I'm so glad I took step-by-step photos, now you can recreate it for your big day, or any day really! If you know how to use a curling iron and how to braid, this will be a super easy hair style for you. Here is what you will need:

- Curling Iron
- Brush
- Goody elastics (clear)
- Dry Shampoo
- Hair Spray
- Texture Spray
-Bobby Pins

1) Start with dry, freshly brushed hair. Add dry shampoo to your roots for volume (plus oil absorption) and choose you part. Curl all of your hair. Using this curling iron, I section my hair and curl away from my face on both sides. Secure curls with hairspray. As much as you may want to, do not brush your curls out! Wait until they have cooled and brush through using only your fingers. This will give you that beach-wave look I achieved here in these photos.

2-5) Section a part of your hair on the sides and angling it backwards, braid and secure with a goody elastic. Using your fingers, pull at the braid (or pancake it) starting at the bottom and working your way up. Repeat on both sides.

6) Taking one side at a time, wrap the braid around to the back of your head and secure with bobby pins. Repeat on other side. If you want more volume, simply backcomb before securing the body pins. 

Finishing Touches: In the end I ended up adding two additional braids, one on each side in the back. Once I added the elastic to the bottom, I again, pancaked the braid to give it more texture. At this point I also added texture spray to keep the curls separated and piecey looking. 

What do you think of this boho inspired, bridal hairstyle? I have to say, I wore my hair similar at my 1st wedding to my hubby (that's so weird to say), and I liked it better this time around! I did add a headband on top of this style for the vow renewal ceremony. I can't wait until you see those pictures! I hope you make it a great day! Happy Monday! xoxo

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