March 20, 2019

Goodbye Dining Room, Hello Tech Room

 Do you have a room in your home that you rarely use? For us this was our dining room. It felt silly keeping it the way it was when we only used it a few times a year when we had company over. Beyond that it was becoming a catch all room. A space that my daughter would sit in on some days for homework or coloring while their bedrooms were getting filled with messes from all of their play dates. Our solution was creating a space that all four of us can use and enjoy, but mostly a space that my kids could use on a daily basis. Not only for homework, but to keep the electronic play dates (yes, that is a thing now-a-days) out of the bedrooms as well. So, the tech room idea was born. Here is what we did.


These before photos are not the best, I know. I took these photos while I was in the middle of doing the Konmari Method in my home, so in these photos there was a desk and a few other items that are not usually here. Those items aside, this room was never truly it's own. The bar was a gift from our wedding 11 years ago and the table set we picked up around 8 years ago. Both these pieces looked great and served us well in our last home, but once we moved here, they were no longer needed in our kitchen. So, we put them in the dining room and kind of forgot about them really. I decided to bring the bar to Goodwill and sell the table and chairs on the Facebook Marketplace.

 Once the room was all cleared out, I was ready to start adding the pieces I had been scouting for the past few months. Oh yes, months of taking screen shots of different items I came across during Christmas shopping and beyond were finally going to come in handy. It was nice to have a general idea of what I wanted this room to be long before it was a usable space.


We are over the moon with this transformation! It really has become a room the entire family can relax, work, and play in. When this process started, I knew I wanted to create a space that felt calm to be in. A space that even though homework (for the kids) and work (for the adults) would be done here, it can also be a space that we look forward to being in. So, I knew I wanted it to be decorated in a more modern style, and I wanted to incorporate palm trees if possible, because I mean, palm trees you guys. ;) 

I found the chandelier and two desks first and got so excited once those were both in and set up. The desks can both fit two chars under each, plenty of room to pull up if I need to help with homework of if they have a friend over and are sharing. There is also plenty of room if a friend wants to bring over a laptop and sit right next to them. Next, I wanted to find great chairs and a round white table. I am in love with both and totally recommend (and I linked) both below. The set up is also great for when we do have company over and need an extra table. I simply pull the table away from the wall and use the chairs from under the desks for searing. The room is still functional as a dining room when needed!

The barrel chair was one I waited a few months to pull the trigger on. Hey, if you love a piece enough and the price is not quite there, wait for a sale! The last few pieces I added to the room were the round side table, the wire basket (for throw blankets and pillows), and the art work. I was so excited all the items worked so well together! And can we just talk about the canvas prints? They were $49 total...for all three!

In the end, I truly couldn't be more happy with the space we have now. Sure, we still need some fresh paint and few little details, but it literally went form a room we never use to one were are all in daily. 

What is your least used room in your home? Would you enjoy have a tech room in your home? Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you make it a great day! xoxo


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Lara Paches said...

I loved reading this post! Such an inspiration to make unused space into a space used everyday! Now I’m thinking how I can do this in my house...A room that makes you want to work, yes please! Xoxo!