April 18, 2019

CBD Product Highlight

For the past month I have been trying (and seriously loving) four new CBD products. I wanted to share all of them with you today! Since I get so many questions about CBD oil and capsules,  I made sure both of those were in this months selections. I have also gotten a good amount of questions about topical rubs and you guys, I can't wait to talk about this rub with you! Lastly, I tried another infused water, this time it's sparkling and hemp extract is just one of the many items added to it that make it so darn great. Let's take a closer look, shall we? 

Recess Sparkling Water:  (sampler pack) 6 cans for $29.99

I recently purchased Recess sparking water because I wanted to know what all the fuss was about. I found a great product you guys! It was love at first sip for sure. I mean the flavors are amazing, they are a great way to take the edge off your day, and did you see all the other amazing benefits and ingredients listed above? My favorite flavor is hands-down peach ginger. It is super yummy, but at $5 a pop, I only allowed myself one per day. Did I absolutely love this drink? YES! Do I feel like it does all that it claims to do? I think so! I really did love these and how I felt after drinking them. I looked forward to drinking them each day and it did calm my mind down for sure. That said, the packaging is definitely where a good amount of their budget goes. The cans are matte to the touch and they seem to be double dipped to get that velvety can touch. Also, they came in this super unique box that was colorful and had writing on the inside...absolutely beautiful packaging! All of that said, I would be so OK if they wanted to lower the price point and just send it in a regular can and brown box. Just saying. 

Fortitude Labs: CBD Slave (topical rub) $54.99 & Recovery Series CBD + Melitonin $89.99

Fortitude Labs is a company I hadn't heard of prior to a couple of months ago. I am so very glad one of the two founders, Jess, reached out to me. The quality of both of these products really blew me away! This past month I started using two of their products and both were truly top notch! I am actually very excited that I have two additional products of theirs (CBD capsules and a tincture) that I will be trying for the upcoming month and sharing with you on my next CBD Product Highlight post. 

Goodbye inflammation and sleeping issues, hello Recovery Series Melatonin + CBD. This bottle now sits at my bedside and I have found I can switch out my medical grade CBD a few nights per week for this one. There are 25mg of CBD and 1mg of melatonin in each capsule, which I feel is the perfect amount of both. Especially the 1mg of melatonin. Sometimes if I take more I either have the opposite effect of not being able to sleep or I am super groggy in the morning. This product helped me to fall asleep and stay asleep. Plus it helped me with my inflammation in my neck and back. 

Alright, I need to talk about my favorite part of this product first, the smell! You know that gross rub smell that literally every topical rub has?  Well, this rub does not smell like the others at all! CBD Slave is a blend of lavender and eucalyptus oils and the scent is divine. Add that to the fact that it actually works on sore muscles and I have found my new best friend. Seriously though, I use topical rubs almost daily on my neck and back so it was truly refreshing to find one that didn't make my skin stink and feel extremely cold/hot immediately after applying. The affect it has on your skin is subtle but effective and I actually keep this bad boy in my purse to apply throughout the day as needed. I absolutely recommend this rub to literally anyone and everyone. You are welcome in advance! :)

CBDISTILLERY Full Spectrum Oil: 1000mg, $60

I am so very in love with this 1000mg tincture from CBD Oil Solutions. This is the first 1000 mg CBD oil I have used and I have to say, I am a fan. In the past I have tried 300, 500, 600mg and always used it anywhere from 1-4 times per days. With the 1000mg I found myself using it only once or twice per day and having similar if not more calming effect. I love how quickly it works and really helped not only calm to down, but get rid of minor headaches, anxiety, and pain as well! In the past week or two, I have started using a higher dose of this one (3/4 dropper) about an hour before bed and I fall asleep faster too! This one is absolutely something I would buy again and recommend to you as well! 

So that wraps up April's CBD Product Highlight! I hope you try a few of these products out for yourself, there are some great ones this month! I am starting my new products today that will take me into May's highlights and I have one spot left open for a new product to try. What types of products do you want me to review? I already have capsules, tincture, and gummies for next month, is there anything else you are curious about? Let me know in the comments section or send me a DM on IG.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you make it a great day! xoxo


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Emily Ava said...

It’s amazing in support of me to truly have a blog site, which will be valuable meant for my knowledge. Thanks admin.Dr. Irving L. Kron

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