March 15, 2019

My New Teeth Whitening Strategy (PLUS a Giveaway!)

I have always thought that a person's smile is their best accessory. So keeping my smile white has been a priority of mine for as long as I can remember. In the past, I have tried everything from whitening strips to the LED light kits, and although I did see some results, there was always a cost. Sure, they were pricey but I’m talking about the sensitivity I would incur for days and sometimes weeks after I had my desired results. So my teeth looked good, but never felt great and that’s not ideal. This got me thinking, do you have to trade tooth comfort for a white smile? The answer is no! 

Enter Smile Brilliant

A bit about my experience getting started with Smile Brilliant:
When you receive your first package, everything you will need is all inside. Putty to make your trays, whiting and desensitizing gel, and the mail pouch to send in for your trays. There are three pastes to make your trays, even though you will only need two. Better safe then sorry! The tray making process was far less complicated then I had expected it would be. I did the top then bottom and knocked it out of the park on my first tries. I let them set and the next morning placed them in the return address envelope with the paperwork needed. That was that, out with my mail and wait for my trays to come. I set up my whitening and desensitizing gel next to my bathroom sink so I would be looking at it daily and remembering to start as soon as I could.

The trays came back in a timely manner and I was very excited to start the whitening process.

My new teeth whitening strategy:
So what's this new strategy I am talking about? Let me tell you.
As part of my new teeth whitening strategy, I would be using my trays at night. This way, the desensitizing gel could stay on my teeth longer as I wasn't going to eat and drink more after I was finished. I think this was a bit of a gamer changer for me as well. Gone were the days of throwing on white strips right as I get ready for an event, this was going to be more intentional and part of my nightly (or every other night) routine. I stated out slow, whitening for only 30 minutes, desensitizing for 20 each night before bed. When I increased it to 1 hour of whitening, my teeth did feel a bit sensitive so I decreased the whitening time to 45 and increase the desensitizing gel to 2, 20 minutes intervals. This the the perfect teeth whitening recipe for me! The results were quick and I have to say as someone who started this process in December and finished in mid-February, I am absolutely loving my results and my teeth, four weeks later and still as white as can be. In fact, I was recently at the dentist and he asked me how I get my teeth so white. True store! OK, back to my strategy. ;)

As part of this nightly routine, I tried to add other things I love doing while I had my trays in. I found myself alternating journaling and styling upcoming outfits. This helped me work though thoughts of the present day, be ready for the next day,  as well as pass the time in a positive and efficient way. It became part of new night routine that I really enjoyed doing it. There were some nights where I wasn't whitening, but I still wrote or prepped for the next day on those nights. Isn't it wonderful when you start new habits and you stick with them?

Here are my before and after shots. I drink one cup of coffee a day and definitely had some coffee stains on my teeth. As you can see by the bottom photos, my teeth are so much more white and clean looking after using Smile Brilliant!

I would absolutely recommend Smile Brilliant to anyone and everyone wanting a whiter smile. You guys are in luck because Smile Brilliant is giving away one whitening system (the same one I received) to one lucky reader! Enter the giveaway here, plus receive 15% off store wide using code "balancinglisa15".

 Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you make it a great day!

*This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant however all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Mrs. L said...

This looks great and easy to use. You are lovely, carina!

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Jake Slessor said...

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