July 17, 2019

On the Road to Recovery

As of tomorrow, it will be seven weeks since I had meniscus repair surgery on both knees. Am I back up and running (pun intended)? Goodness no! lol Well, not really but I'm on my way. My left knee is amazing. I imagine my left knee is what the doctor would like to have happen to all patients. My leg felt fully healed by week two and is doing great! Then there is my right knee. This one is all sorts of funky. I didn't have full range of motion until week five and that is still something I am working on. I am determined to be able to sit like a pretzel comfortably before summer ends. I am also in pain or discomfort when walking on anything other then flat land with my right. Stairs stink, standing for more then ten minutes stink, I've got this thing where my thigh muscle will not engage...I just want it to go back to normal. Toss in the fact that the right knee also hitches, buckles, and I have fallen twice and I'm discouraged, but determined like no other to get better soon.  

So what am I doing to get back to a new normal? Thank you for asking! ;) I go to physical therapy twice per week and have also been to the gym a few times for cardio on the bike and elliptical machine. I have been grabbing my yoga mat and just getting outside to move my body. I stretch, work on my core and arms, and get myself into basic yoga moves. I feel like if I don't move it, I'll lose it, so I'm moving it! To be clear, some days I can only do 10 minutes of this. But, even if it's only a short workout, I've gotten dressed in a cute outfit that makes me feel healthy and good about myself, and have taken the time to listen to my body about what it needs. At this point I just need to be patient and give myself time to heal. Oh and ice. Lots of ice! ;) 

Let's talk about my outfit, shall we? This is my July selection from Fabletics. I am seriously in love. I'm not sure which of the three pieces are my favorite, but if I had to choose I would say the sports bra. I love the camo print and the support is the perfect amount. These shorts are a close second, I also have them in white and they are an excellent fit. OK, now let's discuss the sweatshirt. It is all sorts of cozy and I love the V-neck style that can be worn OTS. I actually wore the sweatshirt with leggings yesterday and I loved it even more. I can honestly say all three pieces were a great addition to my workout clothing wardrobe. 

Sweater, Sports Bra, Biker Shorts: c/o Fabletics // Shoes: Nike (similar) // Yoga Mat: Jessica Olie

What do you think of this workout outfit? I am obsessed with the camo sports bra! Thank you for stopping by the blog today. I hope you make it a great day. xoxo 


Mrs. L said...

That is the cutest workout outfit. You are gorgeous, dear!

The Flower Duet

Dressed With Soul said...

Hopefully you will recover totally very soon! You look very fit and cute in your look!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Balancing Lisa said...

Thank you so much ladies! xoxo

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