September 18, 2019

Let's Talk Hair

Hi my name is Lisa, and I am (and have always been) obsessed with all things hair. I love trying new hair styles like bangs, cutting a lob, or adding extensions. I love trying new daily styles like braids, beach waves, or even updos. One thing that has been consistent over the years is my search for the perfect hair products. I have always gone through phases, switching it up after each empty shampoo bottle. I have been super blessed to have been gifted many different brands of hair care over the years and in the end, I always felt like my hair could be better. I would style, color/bleach, and use tools on my hair until it looked too damaged to save, and then cut it all off. Literally to do the same cycle all over again.

Last year, my IG friend (shout out Brooke!) reached out and asked it I wanted to try Monat. My first reaction was no thank you. As a blogger, I get emailed monthly (it was daily for a few years back when I was Stilettos and Diaper Bags) from lovely people asking if I want to try & then sell their products. But then I thought about it. She wasn't asking me to do anything other then try some free samples, so I did. After the first wash I was blown away.  I signed up to be a VIP member the next week so I could get the discount (plus free shipping) and in doing so I had to order three more times during the year. That seemed like a no brainier as they have a kids line, a men's line, dry shampoo, and so many other products..even if I didn't want more of this magic shampoo and conditioner, I could fulfill my obligation and be done. Order after order I have been nothing short of more impressed. 

I have been using Monat hair products for 13 months now. The transformation in my natural hair as well as how healthy my extensions are is all thanks to Monat. My natural hair is thicker, stronger, softer, and has less split ends. I have Dreamcatcher extensions and the thing about them is that they are expensive AF, but the hair is yours forever. I have had some bundles for four years now, I simply pay to have them put in and for move-ups. The point is that my extensions, just like natural hair can get damaged over time. My extensions, just like natural hair can get dry and dull over time. But, they are not. In fact, the girl that does my extensions tells me how amazing they look every time I see her without fail. Every. Time.

So I'm here today to tell you about my hair secret. Out of all the questions I get, the #1 is always about my hair. So here it is you guys, Monat. Not only do I love switching it up between a few of thier lines for shampoo and conditioner, I have become a full on user of so many products. The kids line makes my son's hair sit like he's Justin Bieber (like young Justin) and I can spot a mile away when my daughter is out of shampoo because she uses the back-up and I swear there is a big difference. Also, can I just point out that as a blogger I can get free styling and beauty products, but I choose to purchase Monat. The products truly speak for themselves!

I recently became a MP (market partner) with Monat. So, now I have a website and if anyone wants to change their hair for the better, I would love to help you with that! You have some options. You can simply shop online. You can become a VIP member like I did last year and receive 15% off all orders plus free shipping. Or, you can become a market partner like me and have your own site. When you are a MP, you receive 30% off all orders, free shipping, plus you now have the ability to make an additional income. Not sure what you want to do, but know you want to try? Let's get you some samples! You can also take my hair quiz here

Head to my IG page and send me a DM asking for samples and leave me your address. I will get samples out in the mail ASAP. Do yourself a favor and just try it. Let the products speak for themselves! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you make it a great day!

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