April 29, 2020

Boho Beautiful Virtual Yoga Retreat Recap

About a week before quarantine, I took yoga back up for the first time in well over 18 months. I began doing it in my living room after I would drop the kids off for school, not knowing a few short days later we would all find ourselves home for months due to COVID-19. My husband had interest right off the bat and asked if he could join in my morning sessions. Honestly, I was so excited to have a workout buddy! I found yoga classes on Youtube and began to gravitate toward the Boho Beautiful channel. By the second week, all four of us were doing yoga 4-6 days per week. Ryan and I really wanted to buy something from Boho Beautiful because we were doing her workouts for free so often, so I headed to her shop page. I saw she offered a digital yoga retreat and was so excited to be part of something like that during this weird time in our lives. Looking back, I'm so grateful we had 5 weeks of daily classes under our belts before we began this. Even with those weeks, it was still a very challenging week for us both! 

We decided it would just be the two of us doing the retreat and we would do it again with the kids once they are on summer break if they wanted to that is. So, if you follow me on IG, you saw us complete the Boho Beautiful virtual yoga retreat this past week. During the 7 day retreat, we completed 11 yoga classes, 3-30 minute meditations, daily journaling exercises, all while juicing each day and eating as healthy and as local as possible. You guys, it was amazing! 

Each day had a new theme and would begin with a 1 hour yoga class. Each night we would enjoy a 30 minute class, staggering between night yoga and meditations followed by a daily journal entry. As part of the retreat, you also get a three hour soundtrack download and playing that music in the background throughout the day really added to our retreat vibes. Plus lots of Palo Santo sticks and candles. The whole week was a vibe and I am here for it! 

Here is the week recap in time lapse video:

We got so much out of this yoga retreat. It was the best thing we could have done right now for our mental health, even home with our kids. It helps prepare you to handle the stress of the news each day and how to navigate through your feelings. Being present in the present moment. You are exactly were you need to be! I truly am so proud of both of us. We were both pushed to our limits and came out on the other end better off for it.

Another plus is I can't believe how much more flexible I am now. I have so much more confidence in myself because I pushed myself and saw how strong I really am. I also feel more in tune with what's going on with my emotions because of the journaling exercises we did each day. I literally can not say enough good things about this retreat and yoga in general really. 

 Oddly, both of us feel less pain in our "bad spots" the more yoga that we do! For us, this was just a stepping stone on our yoga journey. We plan to continue doing morning classes and our meditations as well. Plus we've even started throwing around the idea of going on a yoga retreat in the next few years. But I digress....

 Thank you so much to Juliana and Mark for their wonderful virtual yoga retreat. We are such fans of your classes, life philosophies, and talent. We really do both feel such gratitude for you both.

Have you ever tried a Boho Beautiful Yoga class? Have you ever done a virtual yoga retreat? Let's chat in the comments section. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope you make it a great day! xoxo 

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