May 28, 2010

A day with my boys...

Dress: Target
Shoes: Shoe Dazzle
Sunglasses: Creatively Yours (purse party)

I loved this dress so much I got it in two colors! I think it actually came in 4 different prints, but I settled on this one and a black one. And at $15.99 why not stock up right?!
This dress was perfect for another very hot day! I didn't wear any jewelry (or make up for that matter) because we were outside a lot and I was trying to get some color. My husband was proud to court me around on errands and the look was breezy enough to stay cozy doing so. Sometimes you don't need to sacrifice style for comfort, you can have both! And don't we deserve it all??!!!


Lindsay Hosanna said...

Oooooh!! The dress!!! I love this color too!!!! haaa! :)

Unknown said...

oh my god, cuuuuuute! i need to start getting to target more often. and clearly, you need no makeup, duh.