May 27, 2010

Latest obsession: The braided bun

This is a great way to not only avoid the heat, but also avoid the frizzy hair that ultimately 90 degree weather brings. It's also a great hair style to wear on those pool days so you don't get your hair full of chlorine. It's super easy to do! Just follow these easy steps:
1.) Put your hair in a ponytail. (Can be super high on your head or at the nape of your decide!)
2.) Braid the hair and hold the bottom so the braid doesn't fall out
3.) Wrap the braid around it's self (still holding the bottom so the braid doesn't come out)
4.) Using 4-6 bobby pins secure the end first and then follow in a circle placing the pins at the base of your braid.

That's it! It's a great summer look that will help you beat the heat!


Kristin Hassan said...

love it - i did this a few weeks ago but with pigtails and went for the princess leah look. went to a movie with my brothers (huge star wars fans) with my hair like that and they loved it haha! maybe i will sport the bun next time ;)

Tiffany said...

Love this, totally trying it on day 3 of not washing :)

Balancing Lisa said...

It is perfect for day 3!! That's what this was!!