May 26, 2010

Hello Summer weather...I have missed you!

Dress: Old Navy
Shoes: DSW
Sunglasses: Creatively Yours purse party
Purse: Creatively Yours purse party

The sun is back and it is hot! What better way to spend a 90 degree day then in a strapless dress and some sandals. To avoid the frizzy mess that would have been my hair, I decided to go with a braided pigtail. I then pinned my bangs back to complete the look. Alright people, what do you think? At 31 am I too old for braided pigtails? Wait...don't tell me. I really don't care! I'll be rocking that hairstyle for many years to come! ;)

1 comment:

Lindsay Hosanna said...

LOVE the braided pigtails!! And the jump! :) xoxo