September 3, 2010

What's happening in my world....

What a busy week! I usually do the house laundry on Mondays and it's Friday and I'm about to start! Oops! Hope my hubby has clean work clothes for today! At least I got dinner on the table all week! And my house is clean, so lets pick our battles! ;)

I am so excited for tomorrow! My husband's band is playing at the House of Blues Chicago. Who's coming?
I love their HOB shows! Always so much fun! Hope I see lots of you out!

I wanted to post pictures of the giveaway item, but it hasn't arrived yet! I ordered it last week, so I'll do some tracking today and hopefully it will be up by next week. Yes, I paid for my first giveaway item! That's how important my readers are to me. Feel special! ;)
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I've been working hard all week on my son and daughter's room. Yes, they are sharing a room for a year. I figure after that point we'll have to figure something else out, but in the meantime I needed a good unisex theme. Me and the hubby went shopping and found this great jungle print. Animals are unisex right?! Perfect! So far the room has been painted from blue to latte, the drapes have been replaced, there is a crib and a big boy bed in there, the bedding has been put on, and the closet has been tackled. I am one of those parents who shop end of the season sales at The Children's Place and Gymboree so I already have their next summers wardrobe. Obviously I needed to come up with a storage system so that brings us up to date. We still need to order a new throw rug to match the new drapes, and a few other tweaks, but as soon as I'm done I will post pictures for sure!

Everything is going good with my son. Speech therapy is really helping! He has about 20 words now (although he'd rather sign or point and yell and me), but he's getting so good at all the flash card games they play. He knows the words, animal sounds, shapes, and colors, but he like to show you not tell you. At least I know he understands everything we say! We're getting there. He's only been in the program for 4 months so I can't wait to re-evaluate at the 1 year mark.
We've also recently tackled the "big boy bed". We started at the beginning of this week and he's doing so good! He's in there between 5-9 hours each night before he wakes up and realizes he can walk right into our room. Again, a work in progress!

The bun in the oven is also doing great! 9 weeks, 5 days left! Well, until the due date so who knows for sure. Either way it's home stretch as far as I'm concerned. She moving and kicking away as we speak!


Lindsay Hosanna said...

I'm going tomorrow night!! Woot :) So excited, coo - for tomorrow, for the kids room, for wubs's speech therapy & for your new little bean! Can't wait xoxoxox

Teresa said...

I completely agree that women don't need to get sloppy when they became mothers.


Tiffany said...

My sister uses those vacuum bags and throws them either under the bed or in the closet. Seems to work pretty well.

Kristin Hassan said...

your household sounds like so much fun right now!!

Erica Marie said...

I wish I was going to the show. One of the few downfalls of being in AZ. Glad to see all is going well, we miss the Fergus family!

Balancing Lisa said...

Vacuum bags!!! What a great idea Tiffany!!!

Erica, we wish you were going too! Miss you guys!

Sharina said...

Awwww can't wait to see pictures of the room! Have fun at the HOB this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! =D

the desert foxx said...

Ohh fun! Lucky girl-- your husband's in a band ;)