January 14, 2011

Anniversary Dinner


Tank: Express
Skirt: Kristin Hassan
Cardigan: Forever 21
Tights: Walgreens
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Earrings: Kate Spade (gift)

How amazing is this skirt?!!? Kristin is a clothing genius! This skirt is so forgiving and the silhouette is so feminine. I still have about 17 pounds left to loose and I felt like my normal weight in this outfit. That my friends is not an easy task. Well played Kristin, well played! ;)
I paired it with a black tank and cardigan and since I was without my babies for the night, 5 inch heels were a must! And what better way to finish the outfit then with a bright red lipstick. Love this look. I felt pretty all night!

***reminder*** if you want to purchase this skirt, you get 30% off if you use the code Diaperbags30


Cassi said...

You look AMAZING from head to toe, literally! I think everything from your hair and lipstick to your super cute and flattering outfit and shoes looks great! Hope you had a wonderful anniversary dinner!

Alicia xoxxo said...

You look so beautiful!! Just perfect!! I will have to go check out her website, although, I prob won't be able to wear anything until much later on down the road! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary dinner!!

GurleeGirrl said...

One word - WOW!!! Love the entire ensemble - plus the addition of red lipstick = scorching hot! I think every girl should rock red lipstick every now and then ;)

K*Rock said...

You look fabulous!!


Natalie said...

That skirt is awesome! and girlfriend you do not look like you need to lose 17 lbs. You look great! Happy Anniversary, hope you had a wonderful evening!

Ryan K said...

HAPPY ANV!! You look FAB! :) Love your outfit!

Leigh said...

love your outfit! those shoes are killer! :)
thanks so much for commenting on my blog...and happy anniversary!!!


Kelly said...

You look so beautiful!! That skirt is gorgeous.

Hope you had a wonderful anniversary dinner!

Spiros Savvinos said...

Like to the Heels!


Katie said...

I LOVE this skirt! The print is so pretty and I love how high waisted it is! Looks fantastic with your dark hair! :)

ladycharlie said...

You look so cute and pretty!
I just can't belive You are 31!You look much younger!

Natalie said...


AndreaLeigh said...

loooove the skirt! so cute!

Melrose said...

you look smoking hot! i love that skirt, and those shoes are to die for! Hope you guys had a wonderful anniversary!

Sarah Peracchino said...

super cute! <3

Tiffany said...

Hello, gorgeous! And love the red lips. Congrats you guys!