August 15, 2011

Another take on Lace and Floral


Dress: H&M
Lace top: LuLus
Shoes: Forever 21
Bracelet: Pree Brulee
Earrings: Pree Brulee
Silver Ring: Lia Sophia
Cream Ring: American Eagle

I love this little lace top! You can put it over anything and everything and make a new outfit! This day I wore it over a staple dress in my wardrobe and my hubby was all, I love this new dress! lol Same dress boo, new look!
I also am loving the jewelry. I can't believe how affordable Pree Brulee is! These earrings are $7.50 (I won mine, but yours would be super cheep! ;)!
Now onto my hair. I tried a new boho braid (Thursday's post!! Thanks Kaitlyn) and then turned the ends into a bun. Check back Thursday to see how it's done! xo


mestizay said...

Wow! i thought the lace top is part of this maxi dress! looking lovely as always lisa!
I totally love your freckles!:)

Cassi said...

That lace top is so pretty! I thought it was part of the dress too!

beauty plants said...

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erica said...

Very pretty outfit! I love the addition to lace!


Anne said...

That top looks as if it was made for the
dress.great outfit choice!

Lara Paches said...

That top is a great addition to that dress! I love your hair as well :)

oomph. said...

totally oomph-worthy! that lace top was a great investment piece! i love it layered over the dress.


rlutz said...

Great lace it over the maxi...cannot wait to see how else you plan to style it!!
Great braids!

Gwen said...

I love that lace top! It completely changes the look! Great find!

Balancing Lisa said...

Thanks guys, I love this lace vest! It seriously changes every outfit I try it with! you will be seeing this bad boy year round! ;)