August 23, 2011

BBQ plans, rain please go away!


Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Forever 21
Pashmina: Nordstrom
Earrings: Erin Gallagher Jewelry
Wrap bracelet (Gray): Baublebar
Silver beads triple bracelet: Express

What is up with me and twirling?! lol Seriously, I think I've spun around in 4 recent posts! I guess when my clothes flow, I twirl....there are worse things in the world I guess! ;)
This day was cooler then normal while it rained, and then the sun came through and it was back up to the lower 80's. I was so glad I ended up wearing a dress to this family bbq. I got good sun, hair back so my bean didn't yank it out, and had my pashmina to double as a blanket while inside with the kiddos (OK, it was a bit short for 2 kids under 3 to be around and needing to be picked up repeatedly! Live and learn.)

Sadly I have to say, the dress was a bit too big on me. It is in size large and I felt like I was pulling it up all night. Alas, it is now for sale in the "shop my closet" section. My weight loss is your dress gain! lol


Make Mommy Chic said...

I love the twirls!! Keep twirling as long as it makes you happy. You look great (as usual!). Thanks for the post!

Fashion Meets Food said...

This is one of my favorite outfits of yours. Absolutely love love love it!


Autumn Van Weir said...

Love this! It's dressy and casual all at the same time! I wish my hair would do what yours does!

Lisa Fergus said...

Thanks ladies! I think it looks a bit like a romper in the top pic. ;)

Carly said...

Yes..definitely keep twirling..LOVE IT!
Cute dress...I am sure you are sad to see it go..but it needs a new home:)
Bracelets are FABULOUS! So into bangles right now...I would wear 30 on each arm if I could.
Happy Tuesday!

Mrs. T said...

Very cute!! :)

Mrs. T said...

& you look like Megan Fox in the first photo

Capital Barbie said...

You are having a FABULOUS hair day.

K*Rock said...

Cute cute, love that bauble bar wrap bracelet!!

KaNini's said...

Love these pics! Adorable dress, hun!