September 27, 2011

New coat: 1 of 2

Please excuse the poor pictures. As some of you know from my FB page, my canon rebel is broken (oh the horror) and has been sent out for repair. The wait time is 1-4 weeks. ;( Until then I have no tripod and timer, my main option is holding my camera up and taking pics of myself. There is always waiting for the hubby to help out, but on this day he was not home. I will have my camera back asap so please bare with the poor quality for another few weeks or so (hopefully less!). Thanks!! xo


Coat: $178 (on sale now for $142) Victoria's Secret

I love this coat!! It's my everyday coat and I'm so excited it finally came! I got it in a medium (I'm generally a XS or S these days), but I wanted to be able to wear this over all my knits and winter clothes so I went a size bigger. I hope I do not regret this. There is about 2 inches of extra room in the waist and I will have to tie the belt because even at the tightest it's still a bit loose. To be fair I tried it on with a very thin shirt under! ;)
Now I think $178 is a LOT of money, but when shopping at Victoria's Secret you have to be coupon smart! I had a $60 rewards card and waited not only for the 20% off sale (that is currently going on) but also waited for when they have the $75 off of all orders over $250. I got the coat at the same time as a pair of shoes and got 20% off, $75 off, and $60 off with my coupon! TRIPLE SCORE!! What do you guys think? I really like the charcoal color as opposed to black. I am currently saving all my "shop my closet" money to get my second jacket. I have my eye on a very bright one and I hope it does not sell out before I get it! To be continued.....


Neris / Fashion Fractions said...

gorgeous coat! in love with the fur :)

Fashion Fractions

Autumn Van Weir said...

You always havw to go bigger for coats!! How else will you fit all the great scarves and wooly sweaters underneath? lol it's great! love it!

Cassi said...

I love it! The style and color are perfect, and that's awesome you got such a great deal! I just got my "shop my closet" purchases from you in the mail yesterday - so exciting :) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love this coat! I wasn't going to get a new one this year but you may have changed my mind lol. I hope the bright one doesn't sell out becuase I'm dying to see what you've chosen!

Lara Paches

FashionJazz said...

Loving this coat babe! X

Natalie {Designer Bags and Dirty Diapers} said...

Cute, cute, cute!! Great purchase for those chilly days!