March 10, 2012

Too Great to Pass Up

I recently went shopping at Loft and found pants and jeans on sale for $4.88 (from $69.50)!! SCORE! The only problem was they only had long black jeans left and I am short. Easy fix, have them altered!
The jeans cost $4.88 and $14 to have them cut and re hemmed for a total of $18.88. Still not a bad price for cute black jeans! 

Do you ever have clothes altered to fit you? I do, actually very often. Can't wait to wear my new black jeans with flats! ;)


Andrea said...

Nice find!! I love finding deals like that. I as well seem to have to alter often as the regular seems to be just a tad too long in flats and short is not quite long enough. My alterations lady loves me and always asks why I buy clothes so big...I tell her I got a great deal and could pass it up!!


Julie said...

I actually have the opposite problem LOL I'm so tall that I have trouble finding long enough pants. lol $4.88 for pants is amazing!!


Obat Keputihan said...

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Lauren said...

Whoa, what a deal! I found your blog through paperblog and am your newest follower. I am looking forward to reading your blog.

Sarah Hartley said...

I constantly hem my own pants since Im so short. Small price to pay for great deals!!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Heck to the yeah...That's an excellent score! I hit up LOFT on Monday for some sandals and maternity capris for 30% off!

Balancing Lisa said...

love sales!