September 24, 2012

Washing Your Fruits & Veggies with Vinager

My mom sent me an email last week saying that is you soak your fruits and veggies in 1 part vinegar/10 parts water all the dirt and grime water alone doesn't wash off, will come off. (You do this for 10 minutes) It also gives your berries a longer shelf life.
Within one day of this email I saw pins all over Pinterest saying to do this very thing. So, I decided to try it out myself.
I gave my sink a good scrub and then decided to try it out on the fruit I had in the fridge. Photobucket
I added 1 cup of the apple cider vinegar to the sink of water.
This works AWESOME! I tried it later that day with my veggies (spinach, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes (yes I know tomatoes are a fruit), green and red peppers, and mushrooms). I was so grossed out by the color of the water after I soaked my veggies for sure. I didn't realize how much better I could be cleaning my fruits and veggies before I eat them and/or feed them to my family.
I will do this from now on. It's a great tip for sure! Thanks mom and thanks Pinterest! ;)
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