January 28, 2013

Outfit: Parent Particapation Day

Every month my son's school has a parent participation day.
Here is what I wore to do crafts, sit in circle time, sing songs, and see what my son has been up to this month:

wool coat Photobucket jewelry
Coat: Victoria's Secret, Knit: JC Penny, Jeans: Loft, Boots: C/O Just Fab, Rings: Shop Jules, Necklace: Ax + Apple (similar), Sunnies: Michael Kors
We had a wonderful day and like always I was such a proud mom.
What's your go to for mommy days out of the house?


Sarah Hartley said...

That sounds like such a fun day at school! And I love your colorful sweater.

Unknown said...

Cute outfit, dear. I love the coat.
With love, Ladyfairy

Unknown said...

This is pretty much exactly what I'd choose to wear for such an occasion. Otherwise maybe a long warm cardi with jeans and flats. Absolutely love those boots!


Gwen said...

Love this! Especially those boots!!!! :)

Lee Young Hyun said...

love your outer wear jacket!


Tiffy Diamond said...

Cute outfit! Love your boots!

Unknown said...

it is surely so good day .I have a Sunday school and a community based school and i think i should copy this system because it brings together bother the parents and their children.
samuel kibi from Uganda