April 17, 2013

Eucerin 14 Day Challenge

I was asked to participate in the 14 day Eucerin challenge and I jumped at the opportunity.
You may remember me using their products last year too!
Here is what they sent me to try out:

My family and myself dove right in and started using all the products the first day they came.

If I had to choose my favorite two it would hands down be the Eucerin Original Healing Soothing Repair Creme and the Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-enriched hand creme.
My hands, feet, elbows, and knees are cheering with excitement. They were in desperate need of some hydration and I had no idea how bad/dry my skin was until I started using these two products and saw the results.
Here is what the 14 day challenge did to my hands:
By day 14, my skin looks fresh, hydrating, not greasy (which is key), and dare I say younger?! I am now a lifetime user of this hand creme.

The Soothing Repair Creme I used on my elbows, feet, and knees looks like this:
This stuff is no nonsense! It's very thick and a little goes a long way. My hubby also loved this one for his feet.

The Skin Calming body was and Daily Protection body lotion would be a close second (or should I say third and fourth) and they are a daily must as well. My kids loved these. The body wash is fragrance free and gentle enough for sensitive skin. The lotion was non greasy and they both loved putting it on after baths and showers (as did myself and the hubby).

I would highly recommend the entire line for you and your family. We are LOVING Eucerin at our house for sure!

What are your tips for pampering your skin?

My top five:

-Lotion your feet every night before bed to keep them soft and pampered. When they are super dry, go heavy on the creme or lotion and wear socks overnight.

-Lotion your body after every shower! It's so easy to forget or just skip it...so much better to use it. Find one with a SPF and it's win win!

-Use your hand creme! I feel like you can tell how old someone is by their hands alone. You take care of your body and face why wouldn't you take care of your hands too!

-Use your body lotion and massage your hubby/boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/etc. Great way to stay hydrated and have some relaxing time together. Lite some candles and it's cute little at home date.

-Take time for yourself to get facials, massages, and any other treatments you enjoy. This always makes me feel so refreshed and it's important to take care of your needs too. Can I get an amen from the moms out there! ;)


Unknown said...

as a total DRY skin sufferer, I am totally into this review. I use some Eucerin product but in past have found some of the products to be greasy- fine for feet or nighttime, but not fine for daily use or under clothing...
Good to know some of the products AREN'T greasy..
thanks girl!!!

Balancing Lisa said...

I was too! I hate greasy hand cremes...and this one is not! Non of them were greasy to be honest. I was very impressed!

iesha said...

i love Eucerin. i use it mostly on my feet and for my son as well. he has rough skin and it makes it look/feel so much better!


girl said...

great post :)