July 17, 2013

Golden Tote

Last month I was doing my usual blog reading and saw a top I loved on Carly of Thirty Something Fashion
I quickly clicked the link because I had never heard of Golden Tote before. Yet again, Carly is getting me hooked on things and boy is this one dangerous as I already want to shop there again! 

Here's a bit about the site:
Each month, 2 sales are launched. 
$49- 2 items (up to a $250 value) select one item and you are surprised with your second.
$149- 6-7 items (up to a $600 value) select two items and you are surprised with the rest.
There are also sales so you can just go online and shop items at reduced prices as well! 
I went with the 6-7 item tote bag. 
 photo 5e5ff11a-8ac6-4bb8-a291-4115fcae29be_zps654319e0.jpg

Here are photos of me wearing some items from Golden Tote so far:

The three dresses and tank top are 4 of the 6 items I received. I still have a maxi skirt and a super chic 3/4 sleeved stripe top to wear.

I will for sure be using this service again as I AM IN LOVE with the idea of shopping and being surprised at the same time! THANKS CARLY for the new obsession. ;)

They do not have referral links yet, so if you'd like to shop after reading my post please leave your email below in the comment section. I can send you an invite and I will get the credit that way! ;) 

Have you ever shopped Golden Tote?


Unknown said...

How nice , such a great find ! Thanks for sharing !

XX Luba

Sea colors inspired look, today on

April said...

great outfits...I love your maxi dress you always look good in them


Balancing Lisa said...

great find indeed! ;) heading over to check out your post today!

Balancing Lisa said...

awww, thanks april! xo

Unknown said...

nice outfit :))

Carly said...

Ah, Sorry sister....#notsorryreally Fab stuff right? I love my items and plan to do it again in the fall for sure:)

You look smashing..AS ALWAYS!
Thanks for the shout out back to my blog!

Lara Paches said...

Ohh this sounds dangerous and amazing ;-). Please send me an invite?? larapaches@gmail.com