August 20, 2013

Willow House Jewelry

You have seen me wear and wear again some amazing pieces from Willow House Jewelry

Here are a few outfit posts were I was wearing their jewelry:

So far I only own three pieces, but as you can see I wear them a lot (these are just some of the outfits I'm wearing Willow House Jewelry in). 
The quality is amazing and the sales they run are equally as good! 
They have one sale called the Nifty Fifty where you buy one item at full price and the second at 50% off. This sale is pretty much ALWAYS going on. 
They also have daily deals. SCORE! 

I recently opened my own Willow House boutique. This is great for bloggers or people who want to earn so extra cash but not make your friends and family come to parities. ;) 

Anyone can open a boutique of their own (open yours here) and when people sign up under you, you can earn money off their sales too! 

I will be having a Willow House Jewelry giveaway this fall, but in the meantime check it out, do some shopping or make your very own's free! 


Unknown said...

These pieces are fabulous and I love every single look.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

yeah Agree with Berty morales ,
thet are awesome :)

you will find some more gift bags and awesome collection of jewelry box & gift box from they have everything that makes our gift more precious :)

oomph. said...

what a great concept, lisa. will look into that :)