October 18, 2013

Because I Shop Too Much Fall Photo Shoot

Myself and Kaitlyn (of Sisters Marie) recently took photos with Neil Pili Photography in Chicago for our website Because I Shop Too Much

Here are a few of my favorites: 
 photo b78c7b9a-8cf5-4d7d-a0b2-04d13b8b8fb8_zps1cbbbe8e.jpg  photo deedc38a-9768-406f-a219-cb8f3d150e29_zps0d87d884.jpg  photo fc89e705-9d20-4bd5-878a-af793ef07f2a_zps938b9265.jpg
Click here to see outfit details for both myself and Kaitlyn.
 photo af2b7cd0-755c-437a-ac49-466bee15bf1f_zps56f807b0.jpg  photo de4a892c-3e0b-4344-ba14-ad6b4aa69754_zps6976319c.jpg  photo db71b308-b79b-4da9-ac81-0b0aa343d9c6_zpsfcb2643e.jpg
Click here for outfit details, My hair done by Jacquelyn Marie

We also shot our first ever behind the scenes video with Matt VanGronigen

This was such a fun day and I just love the finished products! 

What do you think? What's your favorite look?
Do you like our video?
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