October 17, 2013

The Country Bumpkin

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Every year my side of the family gets together and we go to the Country Bumpkin (previous post here and here). 
I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters and so far between the 5 of us we have given our parents 7 grand kids. Two of my siblings have not even started having their families yet so I can't wait to see how many cousins we will end up with on this side! ;) 

Back to the point, we love it here for many reasons. Tractor rides, petting zoo, hay maze, pumpkins, fruits and veggies, decor for purchase, mining for gold, bouncy houses, and a few more games too.
This is one of those "all for the kids" days and I'm so blessed that my mom treats all of our families to this year after year. (THANK YOU MOM!)
 photo jewelry_zps4b44edaf.jpg  photo dfeb83d8-c111-46d5-8a06-296d962234cc_zps26a447fd.jpg
Tee: Piperlime // Jacket: JC Penny // Jeans: Old Navy // Boots: c/o Just Fab // Watch, Necklaces, & Bracelet: House of Gemmes // Hat: c/o Sole Society // Sunnies: Ray Ban

In the previous two years I have worn flannel tops, jeans, and boots. It's become my Bumpkin uniform if you will. 
This year I decided to mix it up a bit by wearing a basic tee with jeans and boot but then adding a great wool hat, faux leather jacket, and amazing jewelry.

Here are some shots from our day:
 photo pumpkinpatch_zps63f07ad6.jpg

We still have one more pumpkin patch day ahead of us. We did one with just the four of us, one with my side, and we have one to come with my hubby's side. The kids are very excited and so are the big kids! ;) 

What do you do leading up to Halloween? 
Have you ever been to the Bumpkin?


Sarah Hartley said...

You definitely don't look like any country bumpkins that I grew up with!

oomph. said...

i haven't taken the kids this year yet! last year, my son only wanted to sit on the tractor, lol! oh, and i wore my plaid then, too!

Balancing Lisa said...

lol! Thanks I think ;)

Balancing Lisa said...

;) xo