November 12, 2013

Outfit: Black & White

 photo af6c4e60-08f9-41d9-9980-f5ea25bf9362_zps48f948a4.jpg  photo 3c619ed3-125f-446b-8615-4ec20ba9e2d6_zpsc3e907a5.jpg
I never thought I'd be the mom who wore high waisted skirts and crop tops, but here I am at 34  doing just that. 
I love to get out of my style box as often as possible which leaves me with an ever evolving fashion sense and lots of unique pieces to mix and match with my current wardrobe. 

The whole Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke VMA performance kinda ruined black & white stripes for me but I decided to heck with that, they can not take one of my favorite color combos away! ;) 

 photo 05fee313-2f7d-4029-8a43-25b38eef7649_zps55b163f1.jpg  photo blackandgold_zps41ae4c50.jpg  photo 07251a6f-10ca-445d-bbd5-f155e957081e_zps552d503f.jpg  photo 5bd9aef2-9882-4c53-9c55-b9dec6b4764e_zps6b0d09ce.jpg
Jacket: Swap w/ Kaitlyn (H&M) // Top: Shop Frankies // Skirt: c/o Front Row Shop // Shoes: c/o Just Fab // Sunnies: Ray Ban // Watch: Fossil // Bracelet, Cuff, & Double Ring: T+J Designs // Earrings: I love Jewelry Auctions 

Have you had a hard time wearing black & white stripes since the VMA's?
Are you a fan of crop tops paired with high waisted bottoms?

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Johanna said...

Looks so good! I went to order those shoes yesterday and they are sold out!