November 21, 2013

Outfit: Date Day with my Hubby

 photo 032acd9b-be9e-47ad-abe2-96f059de3552_zps8df2358b.jpg  photo af47e78b-550a-4fd4-998d-e743921ea82c_zps2bb1031c.jpg  photo 57485324-07ea-4387-a3db-c717c5d92cc2_zps97598f24.jpg 
Last weekend my hubby and I had a kid free 31 hours which meant we had ourselves a stay-cation! 
It's been 10 months since we've been kid fee this long so it was very much needed. We are blessed that our in-laws love having them over. ;) 

We dropped them off at 9:30am and went home and got dressed. We headed out for an early lunch at Wildfire since we had a gift card and love to eat for free! lol 
The food was amazing and it was very nice to be out locally during the day with just me and the hubby.

 photo 8d45f238-09c5-4fc3-8116-f32a2ac13e35_zps8f88292f.jpg  photo ea6830b8-3327-40db-963e-efdaa0c56623_zpsb8cfeef4.jpg 
Totally busted on my phone. It doesn't leave my hand much. ;)
 photo 65392fe4-0d15-4694-b7b2-cfb077410221_zps1e7f4453.jpg 
Jacket: JC Penny // Knit: Piperlime- sold out // Denim: Loft // Boots & Bag: c/o Just Fab // Love & Double Ring: T+J Designs // Middle Finger Ring: Lili Claspe // Watch: Fossil // Chain Bracelet: House of Gemmes 

Yes, this day we were the couple who asked the waiter to take our photo. We don't get out much! ;)
 photo d1e22b99-b120-445f-b736-02cfeab0735d_zpsb1788075.jpg 
Here's what the hubby wore:
 photo a9167ac5-c3f1-4c5e-94a3-4acb79f9652d_zps1e827c19.jpg  photo b3071582-2b42-4f39-95bd-0423d201f883_zps72458db9.jpg 
Coat: Gap // Shirt & Knit: JC Penny // Denim: 7 for all Mankind // Shoes: Sketchers 
 photo 0f7e2f57-e8ca-408b-b700-1b3574eebb4a_zps5f34bd94.jpg

After lunch we walked around looking at the holiday lights then made our way home and took a NAP! Yes, I napped for the second time this year (my last nap was in Mexico in January). 
We watched a movie in our family room next to the Christmas tree and slept 12 hours this night. 15 hours of sleep that was very much needed was finally had. 
I feel like a new woman! lol

Check back tomorrow for what we did day two before we picked up the kids. 

What do you do on your kid free days? 


jewelry said...

The cardigan looks nice and cozy. And those pants are so cool!

Balancing Lisa said...

aww, thanks! It was one of those cozy but chic looking outfits! xo

Macy said...

Sounds like a lovely day! We don't get away from the kids too often, but definitely like to go out for a nice dinner on the rare times that we do.

I love the bag/boots combo. I shop at Just Fab quite a bit too and might try picking it up. Do you happen to know the names? Also, have you seen their latest commercial? Pretty funny... They have it up here if you want to check it out.