December 17, 2013

Outfit: White Christmas

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 photo d65cd608-2782-4318-a76a-95615ba6d8bc_zpsd198b87f.jpg  photo 53750fae-73d9-4280-830c-44f0c560f365_zps7c986c28.jpg  photo edc0275e-6001-448f-9b74-8faa1bd6ea3e_zps912cc49e.jpg 
The Fergus side of the family has some great holiday traditions. 
One of my favorites is that we go see White Christmas every year with all of the women in the family after having dinner together. 
This year a few could not make it, but we still had just as much fun!  

I decided to wear a super warm knit, skinny jeans, and tall boots to stay warm on this 10 degree night.

 photo 7891de25-6d64-4bcc-a063-6ba7803d409e_zps91aa5d07.jpg  photo af4a41d5-3c3a-4f24-9093-995f855003ff_zps607ee04e.jpg  photo 85451079-7a74-4684-a6f7-47962f1b965c_zps5d01841c.jpg  photo ed04d868-1ee8-4194-bf14-350e1c3aa53f_zps2c1f231b.jpgTop: Lauren Conrad for Kohls // Jacket: Golden Tote // Jeans: Loft // Boots: Victoria's Secret // 
Scarf: Shop Frankies // Hat: Target // Necklace: House of Gemmes // Watch: Aldo // 
Bow Bracelet: T+J Designs // Bag: c/o Just Fab

This outfit was perfect for lots of eating and singing with my family.

And the below photo is what I actually feel like doing during every frame of my shoot! 
It was 10 degrees and windy people! lol
 photo 9c83a9a4-f8d3-4e46-af9d-a4f2744a58fc_zps2fc74356.jpg

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions?
Do you love the movie White Christmas?


Unknown said...

Hahah I love that last picture! I do the same thing! I end up with all of my pictures being windblown not on purpose - and I try to be brave and take off the coat but it is truly only for a minute - tops!

I love the polka dot knit top and the green scarf is so pretty and an unexpected pop of color. You look great!


Aracely @ Mama Fashion Files said...

Great look, you're so brave taking off your coat in 10 degree temps!

Veronika Novotny said...

I love this look... and that sweater is absolutely gorgeous too. I'm obsessed with all things polka dot at the moment! ;) And your tradition sounds lovely - hope you had a wonderful time!!

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Arin | Heart of Chic said...

brrrr looks cold out there! love the strand of lights, too!! cute! Heart of Chic

Melissa said...

I love that sweater! Wish we had Kohls here in Canada

LakehouseLyn said...

I look forward to the girls White Christmas night out every year and your sweater is gorgeous! Love the Christmas lights with the snowy background:)

Balancing Lisa said...

my eyes were watering like crazy! lol The things we do for outfit pics! ;)

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks! ;) it was a bit chilly to put it mildly!

Balancing Lisa said...

thanks Veronika! I did! Hope all is well with you girl! xo

Balancing Lisa said...

so cold! ;) thanks!

Balancing Lisa said...

you don't have Kohls there?! I would not do well! lol xo

Balancing Lisa said...

Can't wait for next year! xo

Unknown said...

Super cute and in love with that sweater. So warm and comfy!!!