June 29, 2013

Product Review: Seat Pets & Tummy Stuffers

I was recently gifted two new toys for the kids.
The first is a Seat Pets. We got the pink cat and my daughter instantly fell in love.
Here is what the seat pet looks like:

Seat Pets come in seven different animals and are just 19.99!
They come with a strap so you can bring your seat pet in and out of the car. It velcrows right to the seat belt keeping the seat belt in place and no more dangling heads when they nap. It's a perfect item to let kids put stuff in the zip pouch and pockets and take naps on.
My daughter is a bit too small to use it in the car as she is 2 (Seat Pets for 3 year olds and up) but she still puts it across her lap and rests her head on it! She also sleeps with this guy...seriously new best friend guys. And she calls it the car cat! lol

The second toy we received was a small Tummy Stuffer.
You can choose from six different animals and you can store, organize, and hide items inside them!
My son was very excited about this one as he has seen the commercial many times and knew you can fill them up with lots of different items.

They retail for $19.99 and you receive the mini one for free with each purchase.

We got the mini one but wow does this little guy hold a lot!
My son fit about 150 Hot Wheels cars in his Tummy Stuffer and there was still space for more things!

I think either of these items would make a great gift for a b-day or just a fun treat for your own kids. My kids are very obsessed with both!

Do you have a Seat Pet or Tummy Stuffer?
Do your kids want one? Those commercials are really so catchy! ;)

June 28, 2013

Remix: Dark Chambray Shirt

I bought this dark Chambray shirt at Banana Republic last year early spring and I have styled it and styled it ever since.
Here are five ways I have worn my dark chambray shirt:

Whether it's over a dress, paired with denim, tucked into a skirt, or paired with cute shorts, this top has become a great staple.

Do you own a dark chambray shirt? Do you want to own one now?

June 27, 2013

Have You Checked out Sole Society Lately?

Back in late 2011 and early 2012 I was shopping at Sole Society a lot. We all know I love shoes and since you don't have to skip or buy every month, it was a nice shoe store I'd use quite often!
Here are a pair of Sole Society cork/cut-out wedges that I have and still love to wear!  photo d80655f4-1420-4c3c-824a-ff2ead2f3b5e_zps04d0e5e6.jpg  photo f96cdf08-c6c1-4225-a47e-918bdf07d916_zps0e283114.jpg  photo 9b4c3577-0af6-4b26-8c5f-dadf7574c62f_zps8148ba5c.jpg  photo 2a6ebd22-72d8-4cc5-863d-8d7fb9bcd63f_zpsa4bc05c5.jpg
Tank: BISTM-Beth's Closet, Shorts: Gap, Cardigan: Nordstrom, Shoes: C/O Sole Society  , Neckalce: Clyde's Rebirth, Cuff: Lili Claspe (swap w/ Kaitlyn), Watch: Fossil, Charm Bracelet: Gift (Nordstrom), Stone Ring: Love Twist, Bow Ring: T+J Designs, Sunnies: Prada, Lip Color: Rose Blossom by Bobbi Brown
Even though these shoes are over a year old they are still in perfect condition. The quality at Sole Society is really amazing.
I recently logged onto Sole Society to see what they have been up to lately, to be honest the Julianne Hough collection has been grabbing my attention.
I was surprised and excited to find they now have shoes, bags, jewelry, scarfs, hats, and sunglasses for sale! They have been very busy this past year..wow!

Here are a few of my favorites: 
Can we talk about the Dalia bag above? It comes with a neon clutch too to take the look from day to night! Yeah, I'm going to need that bag stat! And don't even get me started on the Erinn wedge...GUSH!

Have you checked out Sole Society lately?

There are no monthly fees or obligations, you just create an account and shop when you want! What are you waiting for, sign up here!

June 26, 2013

Outfit: Bridal Shower

Over the weekend we celebrated Kaitlyn's 2nd bridal shower (1st bridal shower outfit pics here).

Here is what I wore:

 photo d8df0b63-4d7d-44d0-80a8-5467699f0fb4_zps860de617.jpg  photo 33873d41-a413-490f-9e6e-50a71814eed4_zps53b4379f.jpg  photo ef979f18-89e9-4fc8-a878-332807265607_zpsb5024236.jpg  photo 9a3a3b2a-672d-40b9-b4b9-2ee03287a708_zps1cde9772.jpg
Dress: Old Navy, Shoes & Bag: c/o Just Fab, Cuff Earring: Just Fab, Watch: Fossil, Bracelet: Willow House Jewelry, Large Ring: Love Twist, Necklace: Threadsence, Small Ring: c/o Love Twist 

The shower was at a super cute pizza restaurant so I went with this shift dress to be dressed up, but not too dressy! ;) 

Here are some shower shots:
Cute shower details above: Make-your-own cookie take-home gifts, bride and groom hats, a shower dog we all signed, and pretty cupcakes! 
The beautiful couple!

I had a wonderful time and I know the bride and groom to be did too! 

What do you wear to bridal showers?

June 25, 2013

Outfit: Safari Chic

When I dressed for a night with the hubby I did not plan to look like I was ready for a safari. However, that is what I ended up look like...in a great way! ;)
Here is what I wore:
   photo d6a71438-7239-46af-8311-0f0f78043d57_zpsb269447c.jpg  photo jewelry-11_zps4343beae.jpg  photo 19ada176-88b7-490f-884d-c89293ad7ff2_zps933764b8.jpg
Trench Vest: Forever 21, Dress: Banana Republic, Shoes: c/o Just Fab, Bag: Nordstrom, Watch: Fossil, Chain Bracelet: House of Gemmes, Cuff: Lili Clispe (Swap w/ Kaitlyn), Ring: Love Twist, Sunnies: Prada, Lip color: Rose Blossom by Bobbi Brown
Last time I wore this dress I had to wear 6 inch heels with it. I made two decisions.
1) I plan to keep this dress as it's great quality and I really love the print. This lead me to decision #2.
2) I had 6 inches taken off the bottom so I can now wear it with flats and small wedges.
This opens up a whole world to this dress now. It went from a dress that would only be worn once a year to weddings or some sort of dressy event to a great everyday maxi that can be dressed up or down.
What do you think?
Do you ever alter dresses so you can get more use out of them?

June 24, 2013

Just Fab #FabFashionNetwork #SummerSolstice Event

This past Friday I hosted the Chicago #FabFashionNetwork #SummerSolstice party for Just Fab. There were Just Fab events going on in different cities all across the US at the same time. It was very cool to be part of such a fun night!

 We were lucky enough to have this event at Vertigo Sky Lounge and the weather turned out to be be amazing even though it had rained all day. (Thank you fashion weather gods! :)

Here is what I wore:
 photo b4baae21-8e6f-4484-a424-7a3526957b9b_zps6420b14d.jpg  photo JustFab_zps79513c54.jpg  photo fb3415ed-7963-4a9c-9754-8c0b15b69418_zps50838f46.jpg

Here are some photos from the event:

 photo VertigoSkyLoungeChicago_zpscc4f0a3c.jpg
We had a beautiful reserved area where I set up the goodie bags and the items that were going to be given away. There were appetizers and raffle tickets waiting for the Just Fab ladies (and a few gents) who made it out. The decor was just stunning and the outdoor area of the roof top bar was amazing. We really did luck out in landing such a beautiful location! 
 photo FabFashionNetwork_zps2e72a41f.jpg
Drinks were flowing and prizes were given out. Who doesn't want new jewelry, bags, gift cards for free shoes, and $20 off coupons (in addition to what was in the gift bags everyone got)! 
 photo 35843f0b-d227-4502-91a3-07a4ccf1b1bd_zps2fc25bd3.jpg  photo a8f37055-bf59-4092-a38d-fac3afa03059_zps52f85a8a.jpg  photo JustFab_zpscd1a020a.jpg  photo JustFabSummerSolstice_zpsaeefa343.jpg  photo b8443914-e08d-4364-850d-168c38994a25_zps0f6f5f02.jpg

I had such a fun time and I hope all who came out did too! 

For more photos and individuals of every shot above check out my FB page photo album from our night out. 
(Photos taken by Neil Pili)
A giant thank you to JUST FAB for sponsoring this event!

Did you attend the Just Fab event in your city? 

June 22, 2013

Book Chat: The Crossfire Series

Today's book chat can also be titled smutty book chat. ;)

I shared that I read the  Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy in the past, and after those I was left looking for something similar yet different.

This series is better written (or more articulate I should say) and the female lead is a strong women and a socialite in her own right. I like that about her. She doesn't need or want him for his money.

It's still the dark and dangerous and the crazy back stories, but there is no bondage. LOTS of sex, lots of epic "we can't breathe unless we are having sex" parts in these books.
Isn't that the appeal?

I give you the what WAS to be the Crossfire trilogies.

I say what was to be a trilogy because I waited until early June to get the third book and at the end it was not over. Yep...it's a series now. I actually read the third book in a 24 hour span because I was so excited to see how the story ended only to find I now have to wait for the next book to come out to see what happens!

Sad it's not done and left with so many open issues (I was SO excited to see how it would end) but excited to continue in the Crossfire Novels.

Okay, who's read it (other then Gwen)? Just Kidding Gwen, you chat in the comments too. ;) 

I say its a must read if you read Fifty Shades and you're looking for another smutty couple to root for. 
It's exciting, dangerous, hot, weird, sad, and awesome all rolled into 3 books (so far).
As far as I am concerned, I think these books are great. I am on my second time through right now.. sometimes I just like to read and reread books.

Do you ever do that?
Lets book chat in the comments section to not spoil the books for everyone:

June 21, 2013

Outfit: Pink, Mustard, & Teal

Today is the first official day of summer but we are still all over the place weather wise. 
It was in the low 70's this day and I wanted to pair this great blouse with a color I wouldn't normally pair it with. 

The obvious pairing was blue/teal (they just go together, no?) so I decided to add the mustard bag for an extra color pop.

Here is what I wore:

 photo e50cc9f2-23af-4e7e-b68d-f61a1a126e19_zps4b79d70d.jpg  photo d0616166-d8cd-41a3-972f-a183d3dc9a10_zps771898bb.jpg  photo homemadejewelry_zpsdd197109.jpg  photo 8588581e-d5f0-4f73-90ea-7b4bcf177c5e_zps71ef3f4c.jpg
Top: Forever 21 (Swap w/ Kaitlyn), Bandeau: c/o Shop Frankies, Shorts: Victoria's Secret, Shoes: c/o Just Fab, Bag: Nordstrom, Ring & Earrings: c/o Lotus Blossom Design, Watch: Fossil , Sunnies: Ray Ban

I can not get enough of these shoes or this bag so sorry if you get sick of them in the next few weeks. I seriously can not stop wearing either (and both retail under $40!). 

What do you think of the color pairing?

June 20, 2013

Leonisa Swimwear

I was gifted this beautiful bathing suit from Leonisa.
I had never shopped from them before so I was very excited after I had looked around on their website
Leonisa sells everything from swimwear to shapewear and from bras and panties to menswear! You really need to check it out if you have not already!
Here is the suit I picked out:
   photo 525e1739-3ec7-4a32-bd19-19f92d369cb1_zps32c8be36.jpg  photo 7194ef59-8174-40c6-8f11-c7baa0bd45a6_zpsec1bff8e.jpg  photo 7e28f762-db65-4034-8662-5adc8e2b9479_zps36834aae.jpg  photo b78774a0-49ef-4aef-ba96-613d9495ae1b_zpsbfcfe944.jpg
Bathing Suit: C/O Leonisa, Wedges: C/O Just Fab, Glasses: Modcloth, Hat: Shop in Las Vegas, Lip Color: Rose Blossom by Bobbi Brown

I ended up ditching the wedges, hat, and cute sunnies throughout the day. It got so warm (hello 90 degree day!) I put my hair in a high pony and put on some REAL shades. ;)

I love that this suit has tummy control still even tough it has mesh sections. I was able to wear it all day and not feel bloated as we grilled out and stayed hydrated...and maybe had a few adult drinks too!
 Here is a shot I put on the instagram account the same day.
(My instagram: SADBblog, Leonisa Instagram: leonisa)
Sunnies: Prada

The suit is very comfortable and unlike most one-pieces I have worn over the years, I felt sexy in this one.
 It will for sure be my go to for days at the lake and with the kids at the pool!

What do you think?
Do you wear one-piece bathing suits? Do you like this one?

June 19, 2013

Giveaway: Bon Jovi Concert Tickets

Bon Jovi's latest tour is called Because We Can. It kicks off in Chicago and I want to send someone to the show (with a friend of course!).
One winner will get 2 tickets to the July 12th show in Chicago at Soldier Field!

The 2013 arena tour takes live performance to a whole new level with a constantly evolving stage production that transforms on every song.  With over ninety high-speed moving elements, it is a kinetic sculpture of light and video, a living and breathing environment to support Bon Jovi on stage as they bring fans more than 30 years of hits and the latest, never-before-seen technology. To view the arena stage production in action, click: http://bit.ly/18w0AeC

5. The line for the ladies room might be long, but the men’s room will be empty!

4. No one’s gonna judge you when you’re shouting “I’LL BE THERE FOR YOU…!”

3. Because secretly you and your girlfriends have always wanted to resurrect your big hair.

2. Because we can, ladies.

1. Jon. Bon. Jovi.

I'll be at the show too, and can not wait! Girls night out? YES PLEASE!
To Enter:
Follow my blog on GFC and leave a comment below telling me you have done so with your email address.
Bonus Entries:
Leave a comment for each you do as well as your email address so I can contact the winner.

         For more information about Bon Jovi’s Because We Can tour: http://bit.ly/1134SI0
- Giveaway open to all US residents but if you do not live in IL, you pay your own way to the show      
-  winner will be announced July 3rd at 7:00am 
Winner’s tickets will be available for pick-up with a photo ID at the venue’s will call box office an hour prior to the concert’s start time

June 18, 2013

Outfit: Saturday Afternoon

On Saturday I headed over to my dads house to celebrate his Father's Day. 
Since it was a lunch party and my hubby stayed home with the kids (my daughter naps and my son had his appendix out last week so he's still recovering) I was able to attend it alone. 
I have to say, as much as I missed having my hubby and kids there, I sure had fun with my dad, his girlfriend, and my brothers, sister, nieces, and nephews. 

Here is what I wore:
 photo a9fd48e8-027b-4efb-9a99-35aaed644df9_zps17ae68a8.jpg  photo d6a49546-080d-43d6-9fb4-364d49e33988_zps904df5aa.jpg  photo 2db7030e-5aca-41cf-b150-f27bd28bfc7b_zps630bb57e.jpg
Romper: Loft, Shoes: C/O Just Fab, Bag: Piperlime, Chain Bracelet: House of Gemmes, Watch: Fossil, Earrings: Just Fab, Pave Ring: Baublebar, Bow Ring: T+J Designs

I bought this romper on our girls shopping trip and was very excited when I spotted it a week later in US Weekly:

The family had a super delish and healthy lunch (meatloaf made with zucchini, steel oats, grass fed beef, apple and almond quinoa, and a zucchini salad) and the grown ups had a 80's and 90's music dance party! 

Here is me on vine (with my brother and sister-in-law) busting out some funky fresh moves :)
You can find me on the Vine App at SADBblog.
Follow along...I just love funny videos, don't you?! 

What did you do for Father's Day? Did you have a few parties to attend just like I did?

*The winner of the Lotus Blossom Design Earrings is Patti! You will be receiving an email today! Congrats and thanks to all who entered! xo

June 17, 2013

Outfit: Friday Night with my Family

Over the weekend we celebrated my father-in-laws birthday and his father's day all in the same night. 

Here is what I wore to his "grilling with the family" party:
 photo bacb311e-8a33-4417-a3f8-7b60e11278c3_zps1c404a3e.jpg  photo jewelry_zps11ad3a9c.jpg  photo b799b870-1243-4063-a4e5-e921aba98b04_zps79e2ad02.jpg  photo 511544f7-9b2d-438b-bae7-e28cddfc2f45_zpse0054b95.jpg
Top: Loft, Cardigan: Forever 21, Jeans: 7 for all Mankind, Shoes: C/O Just Fab, Necklace: Ax+Apple, Wrist Wrap: C/O House of Gemmes, Watch: Fossil, Mother of Pearl Ring: C/O Willow House Jewelry, Stackable Rings: Shop Jules, Gem ring: C/O Silver Speck, Sunnies: Prada

Jeans and a tank blouse ended up being a perfect outfit for a night outside. I did borrow Kaitlyn's cardigan later in the night as it got cooler out, that will teach me to think it's summer! ;) 

Here are some shots from the party. How cute is Lake House Lyn with her framed signs for the food and her chalkboard sign for the sangria?! Adorable!
 photo outdoorparty_zps3f72f966.jpg

What do you wear to family outdoor night parties? 

I can't wait for the weather to stay like this (and get warmer) so I can spend many more nights outdoor.