December 31, 2013

Outfit: Christmas Party 4 &5

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 photo 24f6b9fc-6b32-4032-841e-a50a44d8e2d0_zps71f867f2.jpg
Jacket: Express // Scarf: Threadsence // Pajamas: Victoria's Secret 

Christmas morning is always an adventure in my family. We start the day like any other would begin Christmas morning with opening gifts from Santa at our house. 

 Our next family party begins at 9:00am at my in-laws. The attire is pajamas though looking at the photo above I look a bit "walk of shame" like. ;)
We had a wonderful breakfast and opened more gifts then any one person or child would need! Yes, we know we are very blessed! 
Our big present this year is that we are all (sister & brother-in-law, mother & father-in-law, and the four of us) going to Disney in April!! We are over the moon! 

The second party we go to on Christmas day is at my mom's house. 
Here is what I wore for the second part of my day:
 photo 6212b365-fbe9-4b83-9a3c-94aa60c161b6_zps12702d7c.jpg  photo 7f843192-8f9b-42cf-98ee-89b8df795e40_zpsfa8e325b.jpg  photo 34a32fe9-0dbf-4f14-8329-a38f3b20ef9f_zps316d5e2d.jpg  photo 2694c6ab-f80e-4538-b73c-32bd5ae86bfb_zps9265554a.jpg  photo 473f9b38-2206-4a94-b044-ad8cbf6a2340_zpsb18cd921.jpg
Top: Lauren Conrad for Kohls // Jeans: 7 for all Mankind // Watch: Fossil // Necklace & Rings: T+J Designs // Boots: c/o Sole Society 

The last photo is what happens when your little sister is your photographer. Thanks Kristen! xo

We had a grilled fillet mignon dinner and the mimosas were flowing. 
With 4 other siblings and 7 grand kids at this party it's a bit chaotic, but that's how I grew up so to me it's just normal. Loud but normal. ;) 

Again, the kids and ourselves were given more gifts then anyone needs. 

Like every year, prior to opening up any toys, the kids load almost all of their toys to give to the Children's Cancer Society (13 bags this year)! 
We know we are blessed so it is important that we give back and our kids know it is important to give back. 

What do you do on Christmas day? 
How was you holiday this year?

December 30, 2013

Outfit: Christmas Party 2 & 3

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 photo 2d13acf9-58c3-4a19-abe6-a56e7259f265_zps38f0dd6a.jpg  photo f8d0a69e-2c91-4f5f-88ce-57281d3e8acf_zpsdace4930.jpg  photo 6ee09ae0-cc2d-4a88-842a-99f7f913f440_zps74c796e4.jpg 
On Christmas Eve, we attended two parties. 
The first was with my siblings and dad and the second was with the hubby's mom's side of the family. 

So essentially I needed to wear something that I would be comfortable in from 2:00-10:00pm. My solution, a shift dress of course. Lots of room for excessive eating and super cozy to boot! ;) 

 photo 58a74968-c0fd-4ca3-8bc1-dee90b1e1a1c_zps6576e92a.jpg  photo 550f0cb7-dddb-4dcb-a376-1f26bc7af517_zps46cf910e.jpg  photo 58fd9e75-f30a-4666-8f91-f4e1cfed38c2_zps26a64c3a.jpg
Dress: Loft (similar) (similar) // Tights: Walgreens // Shoes & Bag: c/o Just Fab // Necklace: Guess // 
Earrings: c/o Castellammare Jewelry // Jacket: Express // Bracelet: House of Gemmes // 
Watch: Fossil // Bow Ring: T+J Designs // Emerald Ring: Jared // Stackable Ring: Shop Jules

I decided to add my green and red in accents and not the main outfit this year. 
The coat and bag were red(ish) and my ring was green, but other then that, I just went with a pretty and practical outfit. 

What did you wear on Christmas Eve? 
I hope you have a wonderful time whatever you did! xo

December 27, 2013

Top 21 Looks of 2013

2013 marked the largest number to date of outfit posts for me as a blogger. It was very hard to narrow it down since I had almost 200 outfit post to choose from, so I decided to share with you my favorite twenty one looks of the year! Why 21? Who knows! lol That's just how many I loved. ;) 

 So here they are, my favorite outfit posts from 2013:
 photo 1_zps18547a9e.jpg  photo 2_zps26530bf9.jpg  photo 3_zps80cd6cd7.jpg  photo 4_zps949de75f.jpg  photo 5_zpsff6da7ae.jpg  photo 6_zpse84f25dd.jpg  photo 8_zps655e8406.jpg  photo 7_zpsfaa531c9.jpg  photo 9_zps420cba7a.jpg

I can't believe another year of blogging is now under my belt! So crazy! 
Thank you everyone who continues to come back day after day and year after year, I love you all! xo

** I will be on WGN Monday morning modeling NYE looks styled by Zahra of Love Zahra with seven other Chicago Bloggers. I think we will be on around 9:15am so check it out if you get a chance! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Holiday! 

December 23, 2013

Outfit: Everyday Wear with a Pop

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 photo b62e50c5-57a0-4828-aa5b-267669b756df_zps8b7da23f.jpg  photo fdf182a4-502f-4a80-a0c6-4a5ad32c24d5_zpse6522e6c.jpg  photo 7f45b80b-cf73-4173-89bd-0f96a334e2cb_zps1fc51cb7.jpg 
There is nothing easier or more comfortable to wear then jeans and a knit for everyday wear. 
To make the outfit a bit more dressy I added these amazing earrings that I borrowed from Kaitlyn, and finished the look off with a great print scarf. 

 photo 2f968919-89c9-4636-b20c-224397b7941c_zps4c51a01f.jpg  photo 9b8d4065-99c7-4ffe-b0ff-15b6cb0bae3a_zps8f2eb497.jpg  photo b28d2934-4c69-47e7-9d30-86403eb025fa_zpsf2373262.jpg  photo 8347a9ab-0bff-4e86-a16b-610aca256836_zpsd7a90f70.jpg
Top: Old Navy (Swap w/ Kaitlyn) // Scarf: Loft // Jeans: American Eagle // Boots: c/o Just Fab //
 Earrings: T+J Designs (swap w/ Kaitlyn) // Stackable Rings: Shop Jules // Sapphire Ring: Jared 

Sometimes just a few pops of color can really be a mood helper on a cold, snowy day. 

How do you dress up your everyday wear?

December 21, 2013

A Healthier Way to Live

Last time we talked about chemical free deodorant and a great way to eliminate odor in you kitchen sink.

This week I want to talk about The Honest Company.

Here is a bit of information about the brand:
"Toxic-Free TLC for Everyone

Finally, a body care line that’s safe & effective for the whole family! Honest is:
  • natural
  • non-toxic
  • hypoallergenic
  • pH-balanced
  • extremely effective
  • honestly enjoyable

Because what goes ON your body is just as important as what goes IN."

To be honest (pun intended) this brand is taking over my house! ;)  
I have always bought items here are there, but lately I have decided to get monthly bundles. 

Here are some of the items we currently use and love:
 Upstairs: Tooth paste, face & body lotion, hand sanitizer, healing balm, conditioner spray, bubble bath, tear free hair and body wash for the kids, and kid toothpaste

The Kitchen: Dish Soap, Hand Soap, and Hand sanitizer

I also have the lip balms, more hand soap (literally in ever room with a sink), and organic cotton dish clothes but I forgot to take photos of them. ;)

They even offer a free trial where you get 5 samples sent to you! That is how it all started for me. I was quickly hooked and will never go back to using so many chemicals in our everyday lives!

Do you shop the Honest Company?

December 20, 2013

Outfit: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow....

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 photo 0500440d-5de1-4b38-b670-d4115157b693_zpsde8fc006.jpg  photo 59c1bf3e-81c3-4b6e-870b-2e931ddce4ab_zps968d8fda.jpg 
I love the snow before Christmas, after, I could do without! ;)
This day called for a super cozy outfit that could be worn from volunteering at the school in the A.M. to a dinner out at night. 

I love this over sized turtleneck knit. Perfect to stay not only cozy but warm.
I kept the styling simple with a ponytail, skinny jeans, scarf, and threw on the ankle boot for the second half of the day. 

 photo d630dfee-b363-40ec-8d0e-ccc2af5a1335_zps990a0c7b.jpg  photo 9ad254ec-589b-4ed4-ac0f-43da9afb7322_zps7801b9b1.jpg  photo d7dd230a-551d-4e24-8f87-6c4b1aca9c9c_zpse0e6e510.jpg
Knit & Large Ring: H&M // Scarf & Earrings: Swap w/ Kaitlyn // Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger via Macys // 
Shoes: c/o Sole Society // Ring: Lili Claspe // Bag: c/o Just Fab // Bracelet: T+J Designs 

What do you do to take your looks from day to night? 
Do you love the snow before Christmas as much as I do? 

December 18, 2013

Outfit: Wedding Style- What We Wore

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 photo c78a851d-31e7-4169-9493-22fd0ae56cdd_zps95d82db5.jpg  photo edee5d02-a272-4f8d-82d1-36ac58ababe9_zps258eb872.jpg  photo e0bc1c76-b653-4065-ba31-be670489ae9d_zpsdd750b5f.jpg 
Over the weekend we attended Ryan's cousin's wedding.
My mom was spending the night at our house so we booked a hotel room the day of and made a night out of it! Love when things just fall into place the day of. 

I knew the bridal party was wearing red and with Christmas just around the corner I figured I'd go with the next obvious color, green. I was saving this dress as a back up for NYE so I guess I'm now locked into my main dress. But I digress.. ;)

 photo 442eeee0-2e0a-4d9f-8d60-277c3723558d_zps81cf480c.jpg  photo 13ffedae-cffa-45d2-9dc0-fc2084f04e58_zps0961f0df.jpg  photo 708d4ce8-2fdb-49af-92d6-24d436c882ea_zps3795c26e.jpg  photo fdb2a946-3655-40c7-ab6d-d3a368e5aab0_zpse95cf31d.jpg
Dress: Victoria's Secret // Shoes: c/o Just Fab // Earrings, Rings, Bracelet & Bow Bracelet: T+J Designs // Watch: Aldo 

This is one of my favorite outfits I've warn to date.
 I am loving the watch and gold bow pairing. This is actually my plaid watch, it came with four other bands. 
And I am obsessed with these earrings! I was having a major statement earring moment. ;) 

The hubby looked hunky as usual:
 photo 14b8e1b5-9da7-4f15-8569-bad67498e801_zps1a6e4037.jpg  photo f0628c2b-04f9-49cb-a389-fc77801cc7ab_zps60441e86.jpg  photo 2afa2a75-79e2-4cd0-9dbc-90f7d0a48e83_zpsa1700d99.jpg
Suit: Express // Shoes: Cole Hann

This wedding was a Christmas, winter wonderland. Every little detail was beyond beautiful. The snow flakes on the cake, the signature drink, the lanterns at each table, and the take home cookies were so darn de-lish I not only ate mine but Ryan's too!
Here are some shots from the wedding:  

 photo Wedding_zps4e83c18e.jpg

Congrats again to the Millers! 

Have you ever been to a Holiday wedding?
What's your go to style weddings this time of year?